Thes rules of question period

  • The Côte Saint-Luc City Council allows both residents and non-residents to ask questions at its Council Meetings, in both French and English.
  • Every person wishing to ask a question must, at the beginning of the Council Meeting, fill out a question period form which can be found at the entrance to the Council Chamber.
  • The question period at a Council Meeting is limited to thirty (30) minutes, but may be extended, subject to the consent from the majority of Members of Council present. Given this time limit and given the desire to allow as many questioners as possible to ask questions, every person has three (3) minutes to ask one (1) question and one (1) follow-up question to the Mayor.
  • Prior to asking a question, every person must state his full name.
  • Following the discussion of the Council Agenda items, there is a second question period. During the second question period, attendees can only ask questions about items on the Council Agenda.
  • No person may use violent, offensive or disrespectful language when addressing a question to the Mayor.
  • At a Special Meeting, questions must be limited to items on the Agenda.                                
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