CSL Grown

CSL Grown

The City of Côte Saint-Luc elects to be at the forefront of what will become the wave of the future when it comes to food. It recognizes the potential advantages to its population both in the present and for generations to come. Good habits are learned at the local level.

Unlike other level of government, municipalities have ongoing and direct contact with their residents. That is a crucial distinction, and one which local leaders should leverage for the long-term benefit of all.

The Côte Saint-Luc Grown initiative begins in 2013. Urban agriculture will be implemented on multiple fronts simultaneously across the City so that every resident can participate in his or her own way. This is a community project, and only community involvement will make it a success.


The Farmers' Market

>> Learn more about the Farmers' Market


The Plan

Read the plan in Côte Saint-Luc Grown: An Urban Agriculture Initiative.

Urban Agriculture Action Plan

The Community

Join the CSL Grown community to share your photos and stories and read about urban agriculture in Côte Saint-Luc.

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News Conference (April 18, 2013)


About the initiative

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