Natural Gas Leak at the Cavendish/Kildare Corner

At about 8am this morning (September 6), workers repairing the underground aqueduct on Kildare Rd. near Cavendish struck a natural gas pipe, causing a gas leak. Power was cut to the area as a safety precaution. As of 10:30am, GazMetro expects to this incident to last until mid-afternoon.

As of this moment, there has been no need to evacuate any homes in the area. Power is expected to be restored over the course of the morning and early afternoon.

  • UPDATE (10:45am): The Parkhaven Outdoor Pool is closed due to the power outage. The library is open with power from a generartor. The public computers work as does the WiFi.
  • UPDATE (11:20am): Crews are excavating around the natural gas pipe on Kildare, which is the first step in fixing it. They must also test to see whether any gas travelled underground. This is the standard operating procedure for an incident like this.
  • UPDATE (11:45am): Hydro-Quebec estimates power will be restored by 3:15pm. However this could change. To see Hydro-Quebec's outage map visit
  • UPDATE (12pm): GazMet estimates the pipe will be repaired by approximately mid afternoon. Once the repair is done, closed streets can be re-opened to traffic. This means that streets should be open before the afternoon rush hour.
  • UPDATE (12:15pm) (CORRECTION) GazMet estimates the leak will be stopped by mid afternoon, which will allow some streets to be re-opened to traffic. The repair will be done later. This means that most streets should be open before the afternoon rush hour.
  • UPDATE (1:15pm): GazMet has capped the leak. Some roads/lanes may be open by 2:30pm. Even after power and gas is restrored, there may be intermittent outages over the 24 hours as these two utilities are restored.
  • UPDATE (1:30pm): Hydro-Quebec has restored power in the library area. It is expected that power will slowly be restored across CSL in the next little while.

Residents can use Cavendish Blvd. southbound (via Einstein and Heywood) or Westminster to leave the city. See the map below. For the moment, the only way in is via Westminster Ave.

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