Snow storm on the way (Feb. 12): here's the plan

Environment Canada is predicting that between 20 to 40 centimetres (8 to 15 inches) of snow will fall on our area starting late this afternoon (February 12) and continuing overnight and into tomorrow (February 13).  

City crews will be plowing the snow as soon as it falls. Given the expected volume, our strategy is to plow the roads and sidewalks to create a passage for emergency vehicles, and then to blow the snow the same day, where possible. See this video on how it works.

What this means is that our snow clearing vehicles will make create a long line of snow (called a windrow) along your street. A snow blower will then remove the windrow within about 30 minutes. If the windrow is in front of your home and is blocking you, please consider waiting the 30 minutes for them to complete the job. In the case of an urgent situation where you must leave, please call 514-485-6868 to speak to a Public Works agent as it may be possible to send a truck to clear a path for you. Please only call us if it truly is an urgent situation as it will be taking our snow plow away from work on other streets.

Finally, please park on your driveways or in your garage over the next few days if you are fortunate enough to have the space. The fewer cars parked on the street, the easier it will be for our snow plows and snow blowers to get our roads back to normal.

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