Côte Saint-Luc updates action plan on water service lines made of lead

The City of Côte Saint-Luc announced today further action to address the issue of water service lines made of lead in single-family homes and duplexes in areas built before 1976.

Starting January 2020, the City of Côte Saint-Luc will provide a one-time $50 rebate towards the purchase of water filters to every single-family home and duplex built prior to 1976, which are the areas in which the city believes there are water service lines made of lead. We will post before the end of December 2019 the exact procedure for how to apply for the rebate, which can only be applied to NSF-053 certified filter purchases from October 1, 2019, onward.

We will also be accelerating water testing. We want results from all the 3,200 single-family homes and duplexes. To date, we have tested water at about 250 homes. We’ll be going to tender in 2020 to get quotes. Given the number of homes involved and the logistics of making appointments with homeowners, we estimate it may three years or more to complete, but our goal is to have it done as soon as possible. According to Quebec environment ministry protocols, we are limited to doing the tests during the summer months.

The third part of our action plan is to accelerate the replacement of the city’s portion of the water service line. This is a huge job because it involves tearing up the road surface and/or sidewalk. Our staff is costing this out now to see how fast we can do it. But understand that if we change our portion of the water service line, you’ll need to change your portion, too.

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