Côte Saint-Luc to distribute face coverings and disposable masks


This annoucement has been archived. Please visit the Announcement page for the latest news.

The City of Côte Saint-Luc will distribute face coverings masks to residents in a systematic way over the coming few weeks. Please do not call City Hall to request a face covering.

We will be distributing approximately 2,220 re-usable face coverings to seniors residences and many low-rent apartment buildings. Each household apartment will receive a package with two re-usable face coverings. We are working with the administrators of each building to plan the logistics to provide each apartment unit with a package.

We will then distribute approximately 34,000 disposable masks to other low-rent apartment buildings, commercial establishments, and other apartment buildings.

During this period, we will also distribute some disposable masks at various outdoor public spaces. For instance, on Thursday, June 4, starting at 11am, we will be at the outdoor Pharmaprix and IGA entrances at the Quartier Cavendish (Cavendish Mall, 5800 Cavendish Blvd.). We are only able to provide one disposable mask per person.

On Monday, June 1, the City Council adopted by-law 2557, which makes face coverings mandatory in commercial establishments and municipal buildings.

So far, the city has received approximately 2,000 re-usable masks from the Agglomeration of Montreal, and 34,000 disposable masks from the Government of Quebec. We have also purchased some of our own. If we receive more masks from other levels of government, we will expand the distribution as widely as possible. For now, the priority is low-rent buildings and senior residences because we don’t want one’s inability to pay to limit their access to face coverings.

If you have the means to buy your own re-usable or disposable face covering, please do so. Please don’t wait for the city to provide one to you.

Where to buy re-usable face coverings

The following is a list of local Montreal-area or Quebec sellers of re-usable face coverings. The city cannot validate the effectiveness or quality of these face coverings. We are offering it as a starting point to help you in your shopping.

Here is a list of some major retailers that are selling re-usable face coverings:

Where to buy disposable masks

Disposable masks are available at most pharmacies at this time.

How to make a face covering

If you cannot buy a disposable face covering, or while you wait for one to arrive, here are instructions on how to make one using common household items.