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The City of Côte Saint-Luc is administered by a mayor and eight councillors. The City Council is elected for a four-year period. Every City Council member is responsible for several portfolios, such as public works, traffic, parks and recreation, the environment and so on. In addition, every councillor is responsible for one of eight geographic districts. View map of all streets, parks, municipal facilities, councillor districts and more.

Mitchell Brownstein

Mitchell Brownstein

Mayor of Côte Saint-Luc

Mitchell Brownstein is the 12th mayor of Côte Saint-Luc. He has served as mayor since March 11, 2016. Before that, he was a Côte Saint-Luc city councillor since 1990.

Oren Sebag

Councillor, District 1

Council link to Public Safety Department

Other major dossiers :
Emergency Preparedness Plan

Telephone: 514-485-6945

Mike Cohen

Councillor, District 2

Council link to the Public Library  
Council link to the Public Affairs and Communications Department  
Chair of the Library and Culture Committee 
Chair of Toponymy Committee  
Chair of Cats Committee 
Chair of Dogs Committee   
Chair of Local Commerce Committee 

Other major dossiers:
Animal Welfare  
Local Commerce 

Telephone: 514-485-6945

Dida Berku

Councillor, District 3

Deputy Mayor

Other major dossiers:
Master Plan
Rezoning and Re-Development Projects
Community Engagement 
Living Lab Project
Meadowbrook dossier

Telephone: 514-485-6945

Steven Erdelyi

Councillor, District 4

Council link to Finance Department 
Council link to Volunteer Citizens on Patrol vCOP 
Chairperson of the Audit Committee 

Other major dossiers:
Climate Change & Resiliency planning  
Hydro-Québec’s Aqueduc-Saraguay Project 

Telephone: 514-485-6945

Mitch Kujavsky

Councillor, District 5

Council link to Urban Development Department 
Chairperson of the Traffic Committee 
Chairperson of the Planning Advisory Committee 
Chairperson of the Parks and Public Spaces Committee

Other major dossiers:
Lead Issue Planning  
Public Spaces Policy

Telephone: 514-485-6945

Lior Azerad

Councillor, District 6

Chair of Young Adult Council  
Chair of Sponsorship Committee

Other major dossiers:
Next Generation Côte Saint-Luc

Telephone: 514-485-6945

Sidney Benizri

Councillor, District 7

Council link to the Public Works Department  

Other major dossiers:
Intercommunity Relations

Telephone: 514-485-6945

Andee Shuster

Councillor, District 8

Council link to the Parks & Recreation Department  
Chair of the Community Activities and Initiatives Committee  
Chair of the Seniors Advisory Council 
Chair of the Dramatic Society 

Other major dossiers:
Wellbeing planning 
Creating an age-friendly city 

Telephone: 514-485-6945

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