On June 7, 2010, the City of Côte Saint-Luc held an information session so residents could learn about the plan tentatively agreed to by the city and the owners of the Cavendish Mall to demolish the southern half of the building and build 38 detached single-family houses, 18 semi-detached homes, and 55 townhouses. The city hopes the development will attract young families.

Presentation of the Cavendish Mall Redevelopment Project (PDF)

Fact Sheet

The City of Côte Saint-Luc has agreed to a new residential redevelopment and the creation of a new town center on the site of the Cavendish Mall. The city hopes the development will attract young families through a mix of housing.

The residential development is all on private property owned by the owners of the Cavendish Mall. The city is not the developer. Rather the city has a responsibility and authority to approve the rezoning from commercial to residential.

Here are some key facts about the proposed residential development:

Reasons for the development

Cote Saint Luc needs a new modern town centre, which will rejuvenate the neighbourhood and bring new vitality to the city.

In order to remain financially viable, the Cavendish Mall needs to consolidate its commercial space and redevelop the part of the Mall, which is no longer needed. Without this development, the fear is that the Cavendish Mall would close entirely and the land would either be vacant or a further decline would occur. In order to prevent this scenario, Côte Saint-Luc believes the proposed residential development is best for the neighbourhood of the Cavendish Mall and for the city as a whole. It will add younger population, will enhance our tax base and create a walkable vibrant community in the heart of the City.


Here are some key facts about where we are in the process.

  • After more than two years of negotiations, Côte Saint-Luc has agreement with the mall on how the area will be re-zoned.
  • On June 7, 2010, Côte Saint-Luc held an information session so residents could learn about the plan and provide feedback.
  • Only June 14, 2010, Côte Saint-Luc held a Public Consultation meeting so residents could learn about the plan and provide feedback.

Size and scale

This is the largest re-development project in Côte Saint-Luc in 25 years (since musical streets in the mid 1980s).

  • Current square footage of the Cavendish Mall: 140,407 sq. m. (1,511,328 sq ft.)
  • Square footage of the new development: 73,743 sq m. (793,763 sq. ft)
  • Half the Cavendish Mall will remain and the other half will be demolished (the part between the tower and Kildare Rd.)

Types of developments

Originally, the Cavendish Mall owners had wanted to build high-density residential buildings, with approximately 1,100 units. Côte Saint-Luc negotiated for more than two years to ensure than no high-density structures were built. Only 111 homes will be built in the short term. The mixed-use building and seniors residence won’t likely be built for several years. But even after the entire project is complete, there will only be 451 units-less than half as many as the private developers originally wanted.

The new development will include the following low- to medium-density housing:

  • 38 detached single-family homes
  • 18 semi-detached homes
  • 55 townhouses
  • 300 seniors residences, connected to the mall (in two 8-storey towers)
  • 40 condos or offices on top of mixed use building (commercial at street level)

The area behind Congregation Beth Israel Beth Aaron, is currently zoned for a r structure of up to five stories. The new zoning will make is low-rise residential, which is preferable for all neighbours in the area.

Green spaces

All existing green spaces are protected and, in fact, new green spaces will be added to the new development. Taken together, these measures listed below will help reduce the heat-island effect. Replacing a parking lot with green lawns and parks is much better for the health of residents of the city centre.

  • Ruth Kovac Park is protected
  • The Seniors Garden is protected
  • The development will add three new green public spaces totaling 6,689.5 sq. m. (72,000 sq. ft.) at the corner of Cavendish/Kildare and Cavendish/new City Hall Avenue.
  • The homes will have larger front set backs than usual and this will mean more green space for the whole project.
  • The Cavendish Mall will add grass and install tree islands to its remaining parking lot.
  • Public transit buses will stop at the new door to the Cavendish Mall, making it much more convenient.

City centre atmosphere

Côte Saint-Luc saw this development as an opportunity to create a town centre atmosphere and a more walkable community. Here are some of the features:

  • Street level commerce on centre street
  • Two pedestrian walkways
  • Recessed sidewalks
  • Bicycle paths
  • Proximity to commerce, library, city hall, arena, public works building, parks and recreation building, aquatic centre
  • Upgrading the urban furniture (benches, lampposts), sidewalks, textured street paving, vegetation will make this an elegant town centre


By limiting the development to low and medium density buildings, the city helped ensure that new vehicles are kept to a minimum.

  • The new development will produce less traffic than when the Cavendish Mall was busiest in the 1970s and 1980s
  • No traffic lights are planned as the new residential development will discourage through traffic


Côte Saint-Luc required that the new development had more off-street (private indoor garage) parking than any other area of the city.

  • Two parking spaces per unit (which is higher than standard of 1.5 parking spaces per unit)
  • This translates to more than 250 designated private parking spaces
  • All underground garage will be built and operated according to provincial government rules and regulations (car exhaust is not a problem in any of the 18 townhouse projects in Côte Saint-Luc).

Construction timeline

Once the plan is officially approved by the City Council, the construction period will begin. Here is a rough timeline of the next steps:

  • Demolition will take about 30 days and will comply with all environmental regulations
  • New road infrastructure (including sewers) will be built in about 3 months
  • New homes begin construction around spring 2011

For more information, call the Côte Saint-Luc Department of Public Affairs and Communications at 514-485-6800 ext. 1802.

For information about the development, visit www.centrepointehomes.com, or contact the developer, Dubelle Developments at 514-731-1582 or [email protected].