Living Green


The Rénoclimat program is a government program that is available since 2007 to encourage owners to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and control their energy consumption more effectively.

On average, the Rénoclimat program helped participants save 20% on their heating bills once the renovations were completed.The financial assistance offered under the Rénoclimat program and the recurrent energy savings will help you maximize your return on your energy efficient renovations within a few years.

Rénoclimat is the only energy efficiency program for individuals that features an energy performance measure of their homes that is conducted both before and after the work and is based on the EnerGuide rating system.

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Organic origami

Watch the video below to learn how to use newsprint to line your kitchen collector. You can also download the instructions in PDF format.

Keeping your brown bin clean

Warm weather tips

  • Rinse the brown bin with your garden hose periodically to keep it clean, especially if you don’t line your bin with paper
  • Capture fruit flies (more common during warm weather) with a bowl of vinegar covered with plastic wrap with several small holes in it. Empty as required
  • Put salt or vinegar on maggots to kill them. If maggots appear in the brown bin, a fly has laid eggs on some exposed food waste
  • Wrap wet food waste (e.g. meat, fish, fruit and vegetable waste) in old newspaper or used paper towel
  • Use the special food waste bag or other paper (e.g. grocery, popcorn, sugar, flour or potato) bags to hold your material
  • Put meat and fish waste into a paper bag and then in your freezer until collection day
  • Alternate layers of food waste with layers of dry waste (e.g. leaves, dead plants, sawdust, wood shavings)
  • Periodically rinse the brown bin using a mild detergent or white vinegar/water solution immediately after collection
  • Sprinkle a small amount of powdered garden lime, baking soda or powered laundry detergent (no bleach) in the brown bin

Cold weather tips

  • Spray your brown bin with cooking oil in the winter to minimize risk of items freezing to the bin and ensure easy removal of waste
  • Put newspaper in the bottom of your brown bin to prevent contents from freezing
  • Wrap wet food waste (e.g. meat, fish, fruit and vegetable waste) in old newspapers, used paper towels or cereal boxes
  • Use popcorn, sugar, flour or potato paper bags to hold your material to prevent waste from freezing to bin
  • Large paper bin liners may be purchased for your brown bin at local retailers
  • Store your brown bin in an accessible location during the winter months where there is easy access to the curb
  • Set out your brown bin the morning of collection day (before 8am) rather than the night before


  • Organics Origami (pdf)
  • City of Côte Saint-Luc by-law 2302 (pdf) consolidates rules about recycling, hazardous waste, organic waste and other types into one simplified by-law.