Safety Tips

                                               Some safety tips that could save your lives


 Smoke detector brigade                                                                      


Smoke detectors save lives by warning people of possible fires in a home. But they can only do the job if they are working. Too many deaths occur that could have been prevented if the house was equipped with a working smoke detector.

Every summer, through a partnership with the Montreal Fire Department, a fire prevention officer or a team from the vCOP smoke detector brigade may ring your doorbell and offer to check your smoke detector, replace dead batteries and install new smoke detectors where needed.

Smoke detector brigade volunteers will be wearing their vCOP uniform and carry a photo ID. If you are not home when they come to visit, they will leave a notice with information on how to schedule a visit. We encourage all residents to take advantage of this free service to safeguard their family, their house and their property.  

The 1977 Côte Saint-Luc by-law 1556 requires smoke detectors in all new homes and buildings.  

 Protect those who protect you: respect the Move Over Law

When you see an emergency vehicle approaching in your rear view mirror with its emergency lights and/or sirens activated,the Highway Safety Code states you must slow down and pull to the right, if it is safe and possible to do so. This will allow the emergency vehicle to pass safely en route to their emergency call.
Since 2012 when an emergency or service vehicle is stopped on the side of the road with its emergency lights activated,you must change into another lane in order to create a safety buffer. Also, it is illegal—and quite dangerous—to follow an emergency vehicle that has its emergency lights and/or sirens activated.  
Visit to watch a 90-second video that clearly explains how you should move over if an emergency vehicle is stopped.  


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