Municipal documents

Access to information request

As a public body, the City is subject to the Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies and the protection of personal information. This Act establishes the general principle that any person who requests it has the right:

  • to have access to documents held by the City, subject to applicable restrictions and exceptions such as drafts, drafts, preparatory notes of a document, legal opinions, notices, etc.;
  • to be informed of the personal information concerning them held by the City;
  • to have personal information concerning them rectified if they are inaccurate or incomplete or if their collection, communication or retention is not authorized by law.

Make an access to information request


Following receipt of the request, the Act provides for a response time of 20 consecutive days (commonly called calendar days, i.e. Monday to Sunday, including public holidays). Upon notice, this period may be extended if necessary for a period not exceeding 10 days.

Consultation methods and fees

On-site consultation of documents is free and takes place during office opening hours, namely:

  • Monday to Friday : 9 a.m to noon and 1 p.m. to 5 pm;

For any copy, fees apply.

Review of a request following a refusal

If access to a document is denied, the person who made a written request may file a request for review with the Commission d’accès à l’information du Québec within 30 days following the decision.

Personal information

If you request documents that may contain personal information about another person, written consent, duly signed by the latter, must be attached to your request or subsequently transmitted to the Registry Service by email or post.

This consent must be sufficiently detailed as to the documents concerned as well as the identity of the person or organization authorized to consult these documents and include a recent date.

Documents held by the City

You can submit a request for access to information concerning documents held by the City of Côte Saint-Luc in one of the following ways:

  • by completing the Request for access to a document – web form
  • by completing the Request for access to a document – PDF form (209 KB)
  • by sending us a written request containing the following information:
    • the first name, last name and contact details of the person making the request;
    • the precise description of the requested document (title, author, subject, date or period covered and department concerned);
    • the desired consultation method (at our offices or by sending a copy of the document by post or email).

You can send it to us in one of these ways:

  • By email
    By sending an email to the address:
    [email protected]
  • By mail
    By sending your request to the following address:

    Legal Services and City Clerk’s Office
    5801 Cavendish Boulevard
    Côte Saint-Luc (Quebec) H4W 3C3

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