Office Agent

Workplace: 5801 Cavendish Blvd., City of Côte Saint-Luc. Parking is free.

Schedule: Variable. 35h/week. Monday to Friday.

Salary: $41,530.73/year, according to the white-collar collective agreement. The salary automatically increases every year for 4 years. In addition, you will get a raise every January.


By becoming an employee of the City of Côte Saint-Luc, you will obtain a stable job in a city with a dynamic team that offers its permanent white collar employees many benefits. We offer:

  • life insurance
  • dental and medical insurance
  • a 20% annual discount on your opus card
  • and access to a retirement plan

You will also have free access to the Aquatic and Community Centre with:

  • a training room
  • an indoor and outdoor pool
  • a game room
  • a tennis court
  • a skating rink and access to pedal boats at Pierre Elliott Trudeau

In addition, you will have to access to the library which has a wide variety of books, and you can rent them for free.

Profile required for this position

  • Bilingualism, spoken and written.
  • Excel, Word, Office, etc.     
  • Good knowledge of arithmetic and filing methods and record keeping.
  • Must have 1 year of work experience to become familiar with the nature of the job.
  • High school diploma, appropriate curriculum and areas of study.

Your role at the City

As a white collar employee, you will make a real difference in providing excellent service to the citizens of the City of Côte Saint-Luc.

  • Maintain registers, indexes, files, organizational charts, etc., draw up tables, lists, etc.; ensure the follow up of expiration date of invoices, statements, reports and other documents and exercising, by these means, administrative and operational controls.
  • Open, prepare and maintain up-to-date files, coordinate the progress and ensure that files treated contain the backup and necessary information.
  • Code and index, with the pre-established backup systems, documents and other data; establish, when required, references which permit the tracing of information.
  • Obtain any documentation relative to the activities; control the movement of this documentation.
  • Perform tasks of collection and transcription of data on different subjects that require adjustment, updating, grouping, selection and sorting, presentation, etc. 
  • Complete, verify or certify various forms, waybills, invoices, requisitions, timesheets, files, equipment tickets, accident reports, exam notebooks, traffic tickets, advice slip, assiduity summaries; maintain property inventory, etc. and ensure their conformity with the rules or instructions.
  • Prepare, with established data, claims, adjustment statements, notices, etc.
  • Emit certain licenses, work cards, receipts, etc. and give out certificates and other similar documents after ensuring their conformity with the necessary requirements.
  • Communicate by phone or over the counter with the public, municipal services and certain organizations, regarding information related to their activities; assist taxpayers and other applicants in their application/intervention, transmit notices, record requests, give information on the administrative process, local by-laws and procedures to follow.
  • Perform and/or verify, with the aid of established and precise data, the calculations of billings, estimations and work progressions, manpower and material fees, interest, balance with different accounts and invoices.
  • Compose and verify correspondence and reports pertinent to the activities.
  • Produce and conduct the research of exact information from different sources in order to deliver the necessary information or to complete files.
  • Condense and summarize documentation, extract data and make conclusions regarding the distribution, future use, of corrections and annotations needed.
  • Receive and collect, when required, certain sums of money for the issuance of permits or certificates, sale of various documents, etc.; maintain the petty cash.
  • Correct the objective parts of the qualification exams, with the correction keys and other appropriate instructions; supervise tests, provide the candidates with the appropriate information.
  • Carry out various duties related to the inventory control of equipment and office furniture; consider the needs of users, prepare the requisition forms for supplies and, when necessary, distribute them.
  • Realize any activities under his responsibility by operating, if required, certain office equipment such as typewriter, teleprinter, terminal, computer, telephone, radio, calculator, etc.
  • Guide and familiarize a few employees assigned to related tasks and verify the work quality.
  • Use various office automation equipment, as may be required, to perform certain tasks related to the job, using appropriate programming.
  • Undertake any other related duties.

To apply 

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We thank applicants for their interest; however, priority will be given to candidates that best meet the overall profile.

Equal Access to Employment

The City of Côte Saint-Luc operates an equal access employment program, and, in this regard, we are committed to supporting inclusive diversity practices. We invite women, visible and ethnic minorities, members of First Nations, and people with disabilities to apply.

People with disabilities are invited to tell us their specific needs in order to provide accommodation for the selection process. Please be assured that this information will remain strictly confidential.