Côte Saint-Luc street light poles equipped with identification tags

Identification tag on CSL light postCôte Saint-Luc, August 17, 2010 - The City of Côte Saint-Luc has completed a two-year project to catalog and place a visible identification tag on street light poles on city streets, which allows residents to report the exact location of faulty lights.

“Previously, a resident who reported a faulty light could only give us the nearest address as a reference point,” Mayor Anthony Housefather said. “Often when the electrician arrived on site during the day to repair the light, he wouldn’t know for certain which one was the faulty one because the lights are turned off during the day. Thanks to the new identification tag, we can receive more precise information, which speeds up the process.”

In the last three months, almost half of all calls from residents to report a faulty light have included the identification tag information, which consists of two letters and two numbers. The letters are an abbreviation of the street name and the numbers refer to the position of the light pole on the street. For example, the tag “WA02” refers to the second light pole on Wallenberg Ave.

Apart from making it easier to repair faulty lights, the city can now track the performance of every street light in a database.

“We will now be able to track when each light was installed, when it last received maintenance, how much electricity it consumes, and much more,” said Councillor Steven Erdelyi, the council member responsible for Public Works and Engineering. “All this information will enable us to compile statistics that will allow us to make improvements in a quicker and more efficient manner.”

In Phase 2 of this project, the city will tag street lights in city parks.

Residents can report faulty street lights by calling the Public Works Department at 514-485-6868 or by sending an e-mail message to info@cotesaintluc.org and referring to the identification tag number.


For more information: Darryl Levine, Director of Public Affairs and Communications, 514-485-8905, dlevine@cotesaintluc.org

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