Destinée: Ethereal portraits of children destined for greatness are on display at the Côte Saint-Luc library

Côte Saint-Luc, September 24, 2010 – Destinée, a series of portraits of famous figures as young children, by artist Louis Boudreault, is on display at the Art Gallery of the Eleanor London Côte Saint-Luc Public Library from September 30 to November 7, 2010.

Louis Boudreault’s mixed-media paintings could be described as engaging, endearing and hauntingly alive. The artist captures the spirit of each of the famous figures he depicts with such tenderness and finesse, as though presenting a rendering of a dear friend to the world. The layered collage techniques utilized in these works remind us of another time, a simpler time.The artist’s works have the ethereal feel of old archives, the bundled memories of the child who would grow into greatness.

Boudreault uses many mediums to create each portrait, including graphite, charcoal, pastels, gouache, paper collage and wood. The layering, overdrawing, and tearing away all add to the impression of the accumulating history that would mold the child into the adult genius. The resulting portraits transport us to another time, another place, and are suffused with the aura of memory.

Louis Boudreault has been working as a full-time artist in Montreal since 1998. Originally from les Îles de La Madeleine, he studied theatre and literature before enrolling in the École du Louvre in Paris. He worked as an art consultant for six years before beginning his work as a full-time artist. Boudreault has exhibited in major metropolitan art city hubs such as New York and Paris as well as in Canada.

The Eleanor London Côte Saint-Luc Public Library is located at 5851 Cavendish Blvd. and is open from 10am to 10pm every day. For more information, call the library at 514-485-6900 or visit

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For more information, contact: Mona Turner, 514-485-6900 ext. 4205 or

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