Fugitive art at the Côte Saint-Luc library

Fugitive 12Côte Saint-Luc, March 4, 2011 – Portraits of women who are wanted for fraud are the basis of a series of paintings produced by artist Lorraine Simms, on show at the Art Gallery of the Eleanor London Côte Saint-Luc Public Library from March 10 to April 24, 2011.

The exhibit, titled Fugitive, includes artwork Simms produced while painting from photographs collected from newspapers, television, and the Internet. She says it is nearly impossible to tell just by looking who among them is a murderer and who committed a common misdemeanor. The image alone cannot reveal what truth lies behind the gaze.

“I based this series on images of women wanted for fraud,” Simms said. “Other than this tantalizing clue, no further information is offered. The viewer is left to make assumptions based on appearances, and this, of course, is tricky, as women do not easily fit any of our archetypes of the outlaw.”

Mona Turner, the manager of cultural development at the library, says that people can ask themselves the following questions when viewing this exhibit: “How does one go about interpreting these images? What does their appearance truly reveal? Can we find clues hidden within the color palette, the brush strokes or the emphasis on certain facial features? Or do these simply express the mood of the artist?”

Simms lives and works in Montreal. She completed a Master of Fine Arts degree at Concordia University in 1990, where she also taught for many years. She is currently teaching at Dawson College. Her work has been presented in solo and group exhibitions across Canada and in the United States. She has been the recipient of numerous awards from the Canada Council and the Conseil des Arts et des lettres du Québec.

Her current art projects can be viewed at www.lorrainesimms.com.

The Eleanor London Côte Saint-Luc Public Library is located at 5851 Cavendish Blvd. and is open from 10am to 10pm every day. For more information, call the library at 514-485-6900 or visit www.elcslpl.org.

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For more information, contact: Mona Turner, 514-485-6900 ext. 4205 or mturner@cotesaintluc.org.


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