Côte Saint-Luc District 4 meeting on Thursday, July 5, 2012

Côte Saint-Luc, June 28, 2012 – The city councillor for Côte Saint-Luc District 4 will be hosting a meeting at Le Waldorf Residence (7400 Côte Saint-Luc Road) on Thursday, July 5 at 7 pm for residents to ask questions about local and city-wide issues.

Councillor Steven Erdelyi will answer questions and brief residents on what’s new in Côte Saint-Luc and District 4 and give an insider’s point of view on Public Works along with the department director Patrick Raggo.

“This is the fifth District 4 meeting I have organized,” said Councillor Erdelyi, who is also the council member responsible for Public Works and Engineering. “Based on comments and feedback at the last meeting, the city made improvements to parks, signage, and added traffic calming measures. If you have a suggestion for how to improve your neighbourhood, this is a great way to share it and make a difference.”

District 4 encompasses the south-west corner of Côte Saint-Luc bordered by Westluke Ave. (to the west), Magnolia Rd and Westover Rd. (to the south), Small Rd. and Tyme Rd. (to the east) and Baily Rd. (to the north).



 For more information: Darryl Levine, Director of Public Affairs and Communications, 514-485-8905, dlevine@cotesaintluc.org or visit www.stevenerdelyi.com


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