Sewer rehabilitation project 2023

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The City of Côte Saint-Luc will be repairing sewers in 2023 using specialized equipment to perform the underground work. This work is to protect the existing wastewater service with a procedure called sewer lining.

Affected streets

View the map below for the locations (in yellow and green) of the sewer repairs.

What to expect

If you live in one of the work areas, then as part of the restoration process, the sewer service for some homes of your street will be out of service (plugged) at the start of the construction work for several hours.

If we need to plug the sewer servicing your home, then you will find a door hanger on your front door 24 hours before the start of the work. It will confirm the date, time, and exact duration of the work. The door hanger will recommend the following:

  • Do not use showers, tubs, sinks, dishwashers, or your washing machine
  • Keep toilet flushing to a minimum

Following these recommendations will reduce the possibility of sewage backing up into basements or into plumbing.

If we don’t need to plug the sewer servicing your home, then you will not receive a door hanger. That means you can continue to take showers, flush toilets, etc., as usual.

Can I still use water from my tap?

Yes. This work does not effect drinking water.

Will the work be noisy?

Yes, you may occasionally hear noise from the equipment.

Will there be odours coming out of my drains?

Yes. A resin is used to line the sewer line, and this produces an odour that may be noticeable during the work. Although this odour may be noticeable at very low levels, it presents no risk to human health. To mitigate this normal occurrence, if your residence is in the work area, please follow the steps as indicated in the diagrams below. It is recommended that residents locate all drains and ensure that the building’s plumbing is in good condition. Floor drains are designed to maintain a seal in the pipe to prevent all gases and odours entering your home. During the construction period, make sure to pour at least a liter of water in each of your floor drains (basement) and in all sinks and shower drains in your home or apartment.

Traffic and parking

Please follow the temporary parking rules so the trucks and equipment can use the road. You will be able to access your homes or business.

To report any problems during the work, please contact our contractor Insituform Technologies Limited 24/7 at 1-855-477-1191. For general information about the project, contact the Côte Saint-Luc Engineering Division weekdays from 8:30am to 4:30pm at 514-485-6800 option 1 or [email protected].