Resolution in support of Dawson College

WHEREAS Dawson College is a post-secondary education institution which offers programs of study to Quebecers of all backgrounds;

WHEREAS, in accordance with ministerial space allocation standards, Dawson College is suffering from a space deficit of more than 11,500 square metres;

WHEREAS, after more than seven years of collaboration with the Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur, Dawson College is proposing to relocate its healthcare programs to a new location and whereas a dossier d’opportunité has been completed and approved in accordance with the rules set by the Société Québécoise des Infrastructures;

WHEREAS the Dawson College project is among the priority projects listed in the Act respecting the acceleration of certain infrastructure projects, adopted by the National Assembly of Québec in December 2020;

WHEREAS the Premier of Québec stated in February 2022, that the project is being cancelled in favour of projects at French CEGEPs;

WHEREAS cancelling the Dawson College project will have a negative impact on programs offered to current and future Dawson College students;

WHEREAS Dawson College students are entitled to educational services of equivalent quality to those offered to students at other CEGEPs in Québec;

WHEREAS there cannot be two categories of institutions and two categories of students in the public college system;




THAT The City of Côte Saint-Luc wishes to convey to the Premier of Quebec their deep disappointment and disapproval of the government’s decision to postpone the Dawson College capital project.

THAT The City of Côte Saint-Luc understands the importance of the project and necessity for the school to be treated equitably under the ministerial standards in force and, accordingly, that the Government of Quebec maintain the Dawson College project as a project to be carried out in the next Plan Québécois des infrastructures.

Video of the adoption of the resolution