Dog owner’s responsibilities

This section highlights the rules and regulations of By-Law 2555 concerning the Regulation of Dogs (PDF), which goes into effect on July, 11 2020.


All dog owners must ensure that their dog has an annual licence, payable by May 1 each year. The annual licence fee for each dog that is neutered or spayed is $25. The annual licence fee for each dog that is not neutered or spayed is $35.

Vaccination and other information needed to obtain the licence

To obtain a dog licence the owner must provide the following: 

  • confirmation that the dog was vaccinated against rabies
  • confirmation that the dog has been neutered or spayed 
  • the dog’s breed, sex, colour, year of birth, name, distinctive signs, origin and if its weight is 20kg or more.

Important new information

Starting on April 6, 2021, all dogs on the territory of Côte Saint-Luc must be microchipped and the owner must provide proof to that effect. 

Public places

All dogs must be kept on a leash (maximum length of 1.85 meters) when in a public place. Dogs on a leash are permitted in city parks and public spaces, unless indicated by a sign, with the exception of 

  • Playgrounds (within 9 meters); 
  • Public swimming pools and wading pools and within the enclosures that surround them;  
  • Splash pads (within 9 meters); 
  • On a sports field (e.g. baseball diamond, soccer pitch, tennis court, skate park, skating rink, etc.); 
  • In a park where a special event organized or sanctioned by the city is being held  (e.g. Canada Day). 

Please note: In Veterans Park (and any park with a Cenotaph) only service dogs are allowed. 

Dogs are not allowed on private grounds except with the consent of the owner. The dog owner can face a minimum fine of $500 for not respecting these rules.

The custodian of a dog must clean up every public or private ground soiled by feces of a dog. The fee for a first offense is between $200 and $400 for repeat offense.

Dogs weighing 20 kilograms or more

Dogs weighing 20kg or more must be equipped with a halter or a harness attached to its leash at all times, except in the designated dog runs.

Dog runs

All dogs licensed in Côte Saint-Luc have free access to the dog runs located on Mackle Rd. and on Côte Saint-Luc Rd. (west of Westluke). Dog owners must clean up after their dogs, even at the dog runs.

Get involved

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