Collection rules and information

The earliest you can place your items at the curb

You can start placing closed-lid bins at the curb at 10 pm the night before the collection. You can place bulky waste as of noon the day before.

The latest you can place your items at the curb

Place your items at the curb by 7 am.

The latest you can leave your bins at the curb

Return your bins to your garage (or not more than three feet / 1 metre from your home) by midnight on the day of the collection.

Townhouses, apartments, condos, and institutions

For those townhouses that currently take part in curbside organic waste collection, they follow the same schedule as single family homes and duplexes. For all other multi-family complexes and institutions, garbage collection is on Mondays and Thursdays, recycling collection remains on Tuesdays and bulky waste collection is on Wednesdays.

How to get a blue bin or brown bin

You can request a blue bin/brown bin in person at the Public Works Department, 7001 Mackle Rd., or by calling 514-485-6868, weekdays between 8 am and 4 pm. For blue bins, single family home owners and duplex owners will be asked to pay a one-time fee of $50 to receive their blue bin. Duplex owners will be able to receive a second bin free of charge.

If your blue or brown bin is damaged, you can get a new one free of charge.

Bin type

If you use store-bought bins that are greater than 100 litres, they will be too heavy to be picked up by hand by crews. You therefore need to buy a model with a European lifting grip as opposed to an American lifting grip. The American model is not equipped to be lifted by the lever at the back of the truck.

How to place your bins at the curb

Receptacles must be placed at the edge of your driveway, not on the street or sidewalk, with the wheels facing your home and the logo facing the street. All material must be placed inside the receptacle (not beside), and the lid must be properly closed.

Maximum allowed

For garbage, the maximum allowed at a time is:

  • Three bags, with a limit of 25 kilograms each,
  • or, One 100-litre receptacle, with a limit of 25 kilograms,
  • or, One 360-litre receptacle, with a limit of 135 kilograms.

For bulky waste (mattresses, appliances, furniture, etc.) a maximum of three items may be put out at once.

Do not overfill your brown bin (organic waste). Bins over 25 kg cannot be collected as the lifting grip can break and the bin exceeds safety standards for employees.

If your waste was not collected

Mistakes happen, but before contacting Public Works, please make sure you followed the collection instructions. Did you place it at the curb after the truck passed by or all the bins on your street still full? Was the lid open (instead of closed)? Was there something in your bin that shouldn’t have been there?

If all instructions were followed, report the situation to Public Works: