Maximum allowed

For garbage, the maximum allowed at a time is:

  • Three bags, with a limit of 25 kilograms each,
  • or, One 100-litre receptacle, with a limit of 25 kilograms,
  • or, One 360-litre receptacle, with a limit of 135 kilograms.

If I have excess garbage, can I leave it in bags next to the black bin?

No, you cannot place garbage bags on the side, as the City will not collect them. Estimates show that about 80 percent of household waste is either recyclable (blue bin) or compostable (brown bin). Only 20 percent is residual waste (black bin). Remember, if you need a larger blue bin or brown bin, the City will exchange it for free.

What goes in the black bin?

The black bin should be used only for waste that cannot be reused, recycled, or composted. In general, this is solid, non-hazardous waste that can’t be recycled or composted and is not accepted by organizations whose mission is to give a second life to certain objects.

What should I do with bulky waste?

Bulky waste should continue to placed at the curb on Wednesdays. See the list of accepted bulky
waste items at

Where do I place my black bin for the collection?

On collection day, be sure to place your black bin at the curb, and at least 1 metre away from other bins, cars or other objects. Do not place your bin on the sidewalk or street. Make sure the wheels are facing towards the house. Make sure the lid is fully closed.

New black bins

Your new black bin is coming soon
Read and print flyer (PDF)

In August 2021, more than 4,000 wheeled black bins will be distributed throughout Côte Saint-Luc to residents of single-family homes, duplexes, and some townhouses. These black bins will replace your existing garbage bin.

What to expect

The black bins will be delivered to the front of each home, along with a bag containing an information package. Please note the materials may arrive during the week or weekend between 7am and 8pm.


The new black bin can be emptied into the garbage truck using a lift, so workers are no longer directly exposed to the contents of household waste containers and no longer have to repeatedly lift heavy loads. The collection is therefore faster and safer. The waste materials are in a closed container and out of sight. Finally, the wheels will make it easier to place the black bin at the curb.


The City will provide homes with a 240L black bin.

Recommended for homes with 5+ members


How to downsize

The deadline to request a smaller bin was April 30, 2021. For more information email [email protected].  

Will it be possible to use the black bin as soon as it is delivered to a residence?

Yes, you can use your new black bin right away.

Will the city continue to collect black bins every week?

Yes, for now the City intends to maintain the once-a-week schedule. However, the City is studying the possibility to moving to a once-every two-weeks schedule. But no decision has been made.

If I already have a similar black bin with wheels and a lid, can I continue to use it?

The deadline to have your bin validated was April 30, 2021. For more information email [email protected]

I own a duplex. How many bins do I get?

Duplex owners will receive two bins, in other words a bin for the upstairs address and a bin for the downstairs address.

What should I do with my old household waste bin?

We encourage residents to clean their existing bin and re-use it to store items in the garage. However, if you no longer want your old garbage bin, here is how to dispose of it :

  1. Take the yellow zip tie included in the black bin package. If you did not receive the zip tie or if you don’t have it anymore, you can use any yellow ribbon.
  2. Place the yellow tie or ribbon around any handle of your old garbage bin.
  3. Place the old empty garbage bin at the curb during the periods listed below:
    • District 1: Aug. 16
    • District 2: Aug. 16 to 17
    • District 3: Aug. 16 to 20
    • District 4: Aug. 19 to 24
    • District 5: Aug. 23 to 30
    • District 6: Aug. 16 to 23
    • District 7: Aug. 20 to 25
    • District 8: Aug. 24 to 27


I understand it’s best to keep my old bin empty for it to be taken away, but what do I do with my garbage if I still have not received by new black bin?

During this transition period, the city will collect waste placed in black garbage bags.

I received my new black bin, but the old one was not taken away. What do I do?

Make sure your old bin is identified with the yellow zip tie you received in the information package (if you did not receive one, you can request one by sending an email to [email protected]). If you don’t have the zip tie anymore, any yellow ribbon will do. You can then leave your old empty bin at the curb. It will be collected by the waste collection contractor on Thursday.

I received my new black bin, but I still have my old bin full of garbage. What do I do?

You have two options.

  1. If you no longer want to keep your old garbage bin, place it at the curb for the regular waste collection. Make sure it’s identified with a yellow zip tie or ribbon, and it will be collected with the regular waste collection. Start using your new black bin.
  2. If you want to keep your old garbage bin, place it at the curb as you normally do for the Thursday collection, without the yellow zip tie or ribbon. Once your bin is empty, bring it home. Start using your new black bin.

I have not received an information package. Can I still get one?

Yes, you can request one by sending an email to [email protected].

For more information,
call 514-485-6868 ext. 3106
or e-mail [email protected].