Ensemble on verdit campaign

Ensemble on verdit is a GRAME campaign intended for residents who need to replace a tree that has been cut down on their property. The City subsidizes trees of various species in order to help its residents replace one or more trees that have been cut down on their property at a lower cost.

Benefits of this program

  • Cost to the resident: 100$ per tree
  • Trees comply with municipal regulations for tree replacement
  • Planting service included
  • One year warranty on the trees
  • You must purchase your tree before September 2023.  Place your order directly here: grame.org/ensemble-on-verdit. The trees will be planted in the fall.

Get your deposit back from your tree felling permit 

Once you have purchased the tree, please send a copy of your invoice to [email protected] to have your deposit refunded.  

About GRAME 

GRAME (Groupe de recommandations et d’actions pour un meilleur environnement) is a public interest organization that brings innovation and realistic solutions to major environmental problems. When you buy a tree and installation through GRAME, it is done by a team of professionals with customer service to answer all your questions, and one-year warranty on the health of the tree and advice on tree care.