Participate in the Maisons fleuries initiative

The annual garden beautification initiative not only makes our city more beautiful, it also benefits the environment. By planting and maintaining trees, flowers and other plants, you help reduce air pollution, increase oxygen production, and contribute to saving the bees.

Stay tuned for our compost giveaway in May and in October to prepare your flower bed for planting.

2022 Winners

District 1High riseFirst place6800 MacDonald6800 MacDonald
District 1High riseSecond place5350 MacDonald5350 MacDonald
District 1High riseThird place5140 MacDonald5140 MacDonald
District 1Single-family homeFirst place5507 Borden5507 Borden
District 1Single-family homeSecond place5526 Borden5526 Borden
District 1Single-family homeThird place5960 Tommy Douglas5960 Tommy Douglas
District 1Single-family homeThird place5509 Randall5509 Randall
District 2High riseFirst place5840 Marc Chagall5840 Marc Chagall
District 2High riseSecond place5845 Marc Chagall5845 Marc Chagall
District 2Single-family homeFirst place5777 Ilan Ramon5777 Ilan Ramon
District 2Single-family homeSecond place6573 Mackle6573 Mackle
District 3DuplexFirst place6639/6637 Bailey6639-6637 Bailey
District 3Seniors ResidenceFirst place 5500 Borden5500 Borden
District 3Single-family homeFirst place 6539 & 6541 Bailey6539-6541 Bailey
District 3Single-family homeSecond place5588 Randall5588 Randall
District 3Single-family homeThird place5579 Pinedale5579 Pinedale
District 4High riseFirst place5550 Trent5550 Trent
District 4High riseSecond place5501 Adalbert5501 Adalbert
District 4High riseThird place7461 Kingsley7461 Kingsley
District 4DuplexFirst place7497-99 Bailey7497-7499 Bailey
District 4DuplexSecond place5517-15 Earle5515-5517 Earle
District 4Seniors ResidenceFirst place8000 Côte Saint-Luc8000 Côte-Saint-Luc
District 4Single-family homeFirst place5528 Hudson5528 Hudson
District 4Single-family homeSecond place8110 Côte Saint-Luc8110 Côte-Saint-Luc
District 4Single-family homeThird place8110 Magnolia8110 Magnolia
District 5Single-family homeFirst place5604 McMurray5604 McMurray
District 5Single-family homeSecond place5705 Davies5705 Davies
District 5Single-family homeThird place5613 Eldridge5613 Eldridge
District 6High riseFirst place5825 Shalom5825 Shalom
District 6DuplexFirst place5753-55 Shalom5753-5722 Shalom
District 6DuplexSecond place 5860-62 Shalom5860-5862 Shalom
District 6DuplexThird place5759-61 Melling5759-5761 Melling
District 6Single-family homeFirst place5830 Einstein5830 Einstein
District 6Single-family homeSecond place7530 Mountbatten7530 Mountbatten
District 6Single-family homeThird place5649 Melling5649 Melling
District 7High riseFirst place 6785 Korczak6785 Korczak
District 7InstitutionFirst place7070 Guelph7070 Guelph
District 7Single-family homeFirst place6848 Emerson6848 Emerson
District 7Single-family homeSecond place 6885 Banting6885 Banting
District 7Single-family homeThird place 6857 Banting6857 Banting
District 8High riseFirst place5900 & 5950 Cavendish5900 & 5950 Cavendish
District 8High riseSecond place6005 Cavendish6005 Cavendish
District 8High riseThird place6565 Collins6565 Collins
District 8Single-family homeFirst place6531 Wallenberg6531 Wallenberg
District 8Single-family homeSecond place5907 Brandeis5907 Brandeis
District 8Single-family homeSecond place6555 Mozart6555 Mozart
District 8Single-family homeThird place6844 Ashkelon Cres.6844 Ashkelon Cres.
District 8TownhouseFirst place6051 Cavendish6051 Cavendish
District 8TownhouseSecond place6043 Cavendish6043 Cavendish

2021 Winners

2020 Winners (PDF)