Public tree planting

Residents who have received a notice that they will be receiving a public tree are invited to browse the tree species available:

*Please note that small deployment trees are reserved only for residences with medium tension voltage lines.

PhotoNameAutumn leaf colourFlowersSizeTypeGrowth rateNotes firGreenNoMediumConiferSlowResistant of urban stresses maple "autumn blaze"RedNoLargeDeciduousFastMagnificent fall colours. Resistant to urban stresses. maple "flame"RedYesSmallDeciduousAverageBeautiful fall colours and hardy. maple "armstrong gold"OrangeNoMediumDeciduousFastColumnar form, beautiful fall colours. maple "redpointe"RedNoMediumDeciduousFastBeautiful fall colours. maple "silver queen"YellowNoLargeDeciduousFastVery resistant to urban stresses. Modified to have a primary trunk and does not produce samaras. mapleRedNoLargeDeciduousSlowMagnificent fall colours, indigenous to Québec. serviceberryOrangeYesSmallDeciduousAverageBeautiful fall colours and flowers, hardy. "autumn brilliance"RedYesSmallDeciduousAverageVery beautiful spring flowering. butterflies and has a unique bark. to urban stresses "prairie sentinel"YellowNoMediumDeciduousAverageColumnar form, resistant to urban stresses. redbudYellowYesSmallDeciduousSlowMagnificent flowering. flowers and a unique tree for Montréal. / Maidenhair treeYellowNoMediumDeciduousSlowUnique leaf and turns yellow in the fall. Ancient tree historically. / Maidenhair tree "Princeton sentry"YellowNoMediumDeciduousSlowColumnar form. Unique leaf with yellow fall foliage. Nuisance free. "shademaster"YellowNoMediumDeciduousAverageResistant to urban stresses. "street keeper"YellowNoMediumDeciduousAverageColumnar form, resistant to urban stresses. coffee tree "espresso"YellowNoMediumDeciduousSlowResistant to urban stresses, no fruit variety its soft needles in the fall, yellow in the fall. Very hardy. treeYellowYesLargeDeciduousAverageNice flowers and leaf. maackiaYellowYesSmallDeciduousAverageFragrant flowers, similar to the Japanese lilac. tupeloRedNoMediumDeciduousAverageMagnificent fall colours, unique tree overall. to Québec, pest resistant spruceGreenNoLargeConiferFast spruce "glauca"GreenNoMediumConiferAverageHardy conifer, well rounded tree. pineGreenNoMediumConiferAverageVery sturdy tree, resilient to urban stresses such as road salt and pollution. pineGreenNoLargeConiferFastIndigenous to Québec. pineGreenNoMediumConiferAverageUnique conifer with orange bark on the stem and branches. planeMixedNoMediumDeciduousFastUnique tree, rare for Montréal. sycamoreMixedNoLargeDeciduousFastLarge tree with unique bark, resistant to urban stresses. oakDark redNoLargeDeciduousSlowRed-purple foliage in the fall, long-lived species. white oakOrangeNoLargeDeciduousSlowLong-lived species, resistant to urban stresses. oakRedNoLargeDeciduousSlowBeautiful tree in the winter, long-lived species. oakRedNoLargeDeciduousFastSimilar to the red oak, more resilient. oak "green pillar"RedNoMediumDeciduousFastColumnar form. Beautiful red fall foliage. oak "fastigiata"OrangeNoMediumDeciduousFastColumnar form. oakRedNoLargeDeciduousAverageVery comparable to the pin oak, yet slightly larger and brighter red foliage. "valley forge"YellowNoLargeDeciduousFastResistant to urban stresses. "accolade"YellowNoLargeDeciduousFastResistant to urban stresses.