Water network information and disruptions

Côte Saint-Luc took control of its underground water network from the City of Montreal in 2006. It made this vital infrastructure a priority by hiring engineering firm Dessau to help:

  • Test our water every week
  • Fix leaks
  • Repair fire hydrants
  • Make other repairs to the aqueducts that accumulated when the City of Montreal ran the water system

When a leak is detected or a major problem occurs, Côte Saint-Luc workers are on the scene in less than an hour, which is a very good response time. Côte Saint-Luc made permanent repairs to fix long-standing problems, like the leak under Côte Saint-Luc Rd. and Cavendish Blvd. The city is also studying the overall the state of our aqueduct and sewer system to determine how much to invest in our infrastructure.