Undersink system rebate ($200)

Starting January 2021, the City of Côte Saint-Luc will provide a one-time rebate of up to $200 towards the purchase and installation of an under-sink water filtration system to every single-family home and duplex built prior to 1976, which are the areas in which the city believes there are water service lines made of lead. The $200 one-time rebate on under-sink water filtration systems is also offered for systems installed in 2020.

The filter must be certified NSF/ANSI 53 or NSF/ANSI 58 and its reduction claim must include lead.

The NSF-053 filter for the undersink system is plumbed-in to separate tap or to kitchen sink: Installs under a sink; filtered water is usually dispensed through a separate faucet directly to the kitchen sink.

The NSF-058 filter involves a Reverse Osmosis (RO) system that connects to your plumbing under the sink and uses a membrane filter to reduce lead (also can reduce minerals/Total Dissolved Solids).

Water filters are a temporary solution, however. Ultimately, the city needs to replace its portion of the water service line and homeowners need to replace their portion of the service line.

The City encourages residents eligible for the rebate to take advantage of it. The City will be continuing pneumatic excavations in 2021 to identify homes with water service lines made of lead, which is a step in the long-term replacement program. Until this infrastructure is replaced, countertop pitchers with water filters and water filtration systems provide the easiest way to mitigate the risks association with lead.

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