CSL Runs

Get out and run! Six themed runs that will have you cover a lot of ground in CSL.

Each theme encourages the participants to get creative, dress up, get outside, and run.  The runs can be done anywhere in CSL. Once the run is completed, participants can send us the results of their running time with their pictures at [email protected] for a chance to be featured on the Recreation Facebook page!

Run 1

Theme: Let’s get started, show us your gear! 

Run 2

Theme: Zombie Run. Dress up as a zombie or run like you are running away from one!  

Run 3

Theme: Dog Run. Take your dog out for a run. Don’t have a dog? That’s ok, run and pretend you’re running after one! 

Run 4

Theme: Wacky Fun Run. Dress up the whole family in wacky clothes and them out for a 2 km run (or stroll) in the streets of CSL.  

Run 5

Theme: 10 km Fun Run. For the more seasoned runner, run a 10 km in CSL. If you can’t run a 10km, run two 5 km, or five 2 km, just keep running.  

Run 6

Theme: CSL Spirit Run! Dress up in your CSL gear and/or CSL colors (Green & Yellow).