Fun Card

The CSL Fun Card is a pass that gives residents unlimited admission for one year to a variety of drop-in activities at many city facilities.

Buy or renew your Fun Card

You can buy or renew your CSL Fun Card at the Aquatic and Community Centre.

5794 Parkhaven Avenue

Opening hours

  • Daily: from 6 am to 10 pm

Call: 514-485-6806

E-mail: [email protected]


Fun Card versus pay-as-you-go

Fun CardPay-as-you-go
Parkhaven Outdoor Pool*Between $3 to $5
Indoor swimming pools at ACC Between $3 to $5
Fitness room at ACC
Game room at ACC
Wading pool at Rabin Park $1 per child
Drop-in sports at the gymnasium $5 per person per activity
Tennis courts at Rembrandt Park $5 per person
Pedal boats at Pierre Elliott Trudeau Park $5 per person for 20 minutes
Skating at the Samuel Moskovitch Arena $7 per person per session on Saturday
$5 per person per session at all other times

* A seasonal membership at the Parkhaven Outdoor Pool is also available.

Fun Card Rates

Rates as of April 1st, 2022
(age 14-59 yrs.)
(13 years and younger)
(any two persons living in the same residence)
Family membership
(any three or more persons living in the same residence)
(age 60 or older)


Only Côte Saint-Luc residents are eligible to purchase the CSL Fun Card. For Côte Saint-Luc residents who do not wish to purchase the card, a daily admission fee for the facilities will be available. This daily admission fee is also available for non-residents.

Proof of residency is required in order to purchase or renew the CSL Fun Card and to register for programs.

  • Adults: driver’s licence, or last utility bill
  • Children: verification note from school office, birth certificate, hospital card, or Medicare card

Children’s proof of residency must be accompanied with proof of residency from one of the parents.

Nannies are permitted to purchase a CSL Fun Card, however they must purchase a separate individual card ($25). Proof is required that they are living full time or on a Monday to Friday basis with a Côte Saint-Luc family.

A privilege will be granted to persons with special needs if they require a shadow to accompany them to facilities. The shadow will not be required to provide a CSL Fun Card nor pay the daily entrance fee, to enter the facilities, upon presentation of their Altergo  leisure companion card. The shadow may not enter a facility for free without a person with special needs.

Please note that a photo will be taken upon purchase of a CSL Fun Card. When renewing, please bring in original CSL Fun Card.

In order to enter or use a facility or service, a CSL Fun Card holder must show their CSL Fun Card to the facility attendant or will be subject to the non-member fee.

A fee of $6 applies for replacement of a lost or stolen card.

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