Felling of trees behind Ashkelon Garden

Tree Felling

Like many places on the island of Montreal, many of the ash trees in Côte Saint-Luc have been infected by the Emerald Ash Borer and have become sick or are dead. 

The forested area behind the library has also been infected. The trees there are sick and could potentially fall down on their own or even catch on fire if we don’t remove them. The existing maple trees will remain.

We are hiring a contractor to fell these trees starting approximately March 29 or 30, 2018. During the work, nearby residents will hear the sounds of workers and chainsaws. The work will be carried out weekdays between 7am and 5pm and weekends between 9am and 5pm. All the work must be complete by April 15 to comply with Quebec regulations.

After the trees have been felled, we also must remove the invasive plants. Once we are confident the area is ready, we will plant new trees and other species of vegetation over the next two years.

Like you, we are heartbroken that we are temporarily losing the beautiful forested area. Regrettably there was nothing we could do to save them. While we are replacing these trees, the new ones will take many years to grow to the size of what’s there now.

The city held an information session for area residents on March 5, 2018 to discuss the project. You can hear the presentation here.

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