NOTE: From Sunday, January 9 to Monday, February 8, 2021, all indoor municipal facilities in the City of Côte Saint-Luc will be closed to the public, including City Hall, the public library, the Aquatic and Community Centre, and the Samuel Moskovitch Arena. This announced closure follows the enactment of new rules by the Quebec government for a month-long lockdown.

Bernard Lang Civic Centre

City Hall

5801 Cavendish Blvd.
Côte Saint-Luc, QC, H4W 3C3

Finances and taxes


The Finance Department offers the following services at the front desk counter: taxation, overnight parking permits, payment of building and construction permits, commissioner of oath services, life certificates.

Urban Planning and Permits

514-485-6800 ext. 1607

Other departments can be reached by phone or email:

General information


Office of the City Manager


Public Affairs and Communications

514-485-6800 ext. 1802


514-485-6800 ext. 1501

Legal Affairs and City Clerk

514-485-6800 ext. 1701

To contact the Mayor or City Councillors, please see Council and Meetings.

Eleanor London Public Library

5851 Cavendish Blvd.
Côte Saint-Luc, QC, H4W 2X8


Visit the library website for more information.

Parks and Recreation

5794 Parkhaven Ave.
Côte Saint-Luc, QC, H4W 0A4


Aquatic and Community Centre

5794 Parkhaven Ave.
Côte Saint-Luc, QC, H4W 0A4


Samuel Moskovitch Arena

6985 Mackle Rd.
Côte Saint-Luc, QC, H4W 1A5

514-485-6806 ext. 2101


7500 Mackle Road
Côte Saint-Luc, QC, H4W 1A6

514-485-6806 ext. 2012

Public Works

7001 Mackle Rd.
Côte Saint-Luc, QC, H4W 1A5


Public Works Office


Public Works Yard

Partially open for green waste drop-off

Public Security

Public Security dispatch is available 24 hours a day at 514-485-6960.
For all emergencies, call 9-1-1.

Agglomeration Services

Police SPVM Station 9

5501 Westminster Ave.

SSIM fire prevention

514 872-3800

In case of emergencies

Call 9-1-1