Outdoor rinks

During the winter season, outdoor skating rinks are installed in numerous parks around Côte Saint-Luc. The ice conditions of each outdoor rink may vary because of snow clearing and temperature fluctuations. Always use the skating rinks at your own risk. Children age 12 and younger must wear a hockey helmet. Helmets and visors are recommended for all others. Skaters must maintain a 2-meter physical distance.

Rinks with boards

The following locations have skating rinks with boards, which allows for hockey play and free-skate.

  • Confederation Annex
  • Richard Schwartz Park

Rinks without boards

The following locations have skating rinks without boards, which allows for only free-skate (and no hockey).

  • Trudeau Park lake
  • Donald Fletcher Park
  • Irving Singerman Park
  • Rembrandt Park
  • Guelph tennis courts ice rink

Puck-and-stick-play ice time at the Confederation Annex

The Confederation Annex refrigerated ice surface is available for puck-and-stick play (starting Friday, February 26) with two separate groups, consisting of 8 players each. No contact is permitted and 2-metre distance must be respected according to Quebec rules. Patrons are strongly recommended to wear masks on the ice.

Request form for puck-and-stick-play ice time at the Confederation Annex

Ice-time for open-skate at the Confederation Annex

Open-skate schedule at Confederation Annex (from February 26, onward)

Daily12pm to 3pm Not required

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