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Message from Mayor Brownstein: Update on the situation of COVID-19 as of October 2, 2020

In the recent days, Côte Saint-Luc, like many other cities in the province, has been placed under COVID-19 red zone alert. What does this mean for us?

The biggest change affects gatherings. The latest restrictions from the provincial government state that we can no longer invite family or friends to our home, indoor or outdoor. However there is one exception for those that live alone.  If you live alone you may receive one visitor at any time.

We find ourselves in a similar situation as earlier this spring. I know it is not easy, but we are resilient and will get through this together. Contrary to last spring, caregivers and homecare workers are permitted to enter the homes of their clients to provide care and assistance and necessary tradespeople, such as a plumber, is allowed.  And of course, food and meal delivery, to your door, can continue. Gatherings in building lobbies and parks are not allowed, although people may go with their immediate family unit living at the same address, to enjoy our parks, but must not gather with other families there.

Libraries have been closed so we have returned to our contactless pick-up service. The Parks and Recreation Department is following provincial health authority guidelines which recommend non-contact activities continue, like swimming and skating.  Team sports are still allowed for the moment, but this provincial directive is expected to be modified shortly. Provincial directives are changing daily. These are the main changes that this second wave brings so far.  As the situation evolves, new regulations will be issued by the provincial government and we will adapt.

It can get confusing. But whatever the rules are on any given day, don’t forget the goal, which is to stop—as much as possible—the spread of COVID-19. So please remember to wear your mask, keep two meters apart and wash your hands as often possible.

Keep safe. 

Mayor Mitchell Brownstein