Policies and action plans

Universal access

Action Plan for the Disabled Community

This Action Plan for the Disabled Community outlines the steps that have been taken towards greater inclusivity and access over the last year and establishes an action plan for the coming one. Our goal is to ensure that all people with different abilities have the support and opportunity to fully participate in community life.

2023 Action Plan for the Disabled Community


Web accessibility

Accessibility in Côte Saint-Luc is about creating a community and providing services that enable anyone to participate fully, without barriers. We aim to adapt and expand in terms of accessibility as well as inclusivity in order to adequately serve the blended population.

The City of Côte Saint-Luc has implemented several elements on its website to make it accessible to all users. Commonly used criteria are:

  • Significant contrasts between the color of the text and the background of the pages to facilitate reading
  • The formulation of the texts on the website tries to be as simple as possible by using a vocabulary facilitating understanding
  • Highlighting in the main menu and a contextual menu to the left of the content make it easier to find your way around the website.
  • Tables contain textual and visual data that is easy to interpret
  • No blinking elements are used on the website
  • The types of files to be downloaded are generally indicated with a symbol (ex: PDF, XLSX, etc.) and the size of the document
  • No color is used as the only way to convey information

Need assistance?

If you have difficulty consulting or understanding certain content on the website, you can reach the other municipal departments by phone or email.