Driveway alteration

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The information contained on this page is simplified and for information purposes only. In case of a contradiction between the By-law and this document, the former will prevail.

A permit is required to alter, resurface or enlarge a driveway.


The maximum allowable width of a driveway is 6.4m (21′).

In the case of irregularly shaped lots (trapeze-like), the maximum width of the driveway between the city sidewalk and the property line is 4.27m (14′).

Detached dwellings

The paved area for detached dwellings with no garage or a garage at grade (flat) must be at least 0.6m (2′) from the side or rear (in the case of corner lots) property line.

If the garage is below grade (sloped) the paved area must be at least 0.91m (3′) from the side or rear (in the case of corner lots) property line.

Semi-detached dwellings

In the case of semi-detached dwellings driveways are required to be at least 0.91m (3′) apart (0.455m on either side of the property line).

Additional conditions

No tree may be felled in the expansion of a driveway unless it is done in accordance with the by-law concerning the protection of trees (please see Trees guide for more information).

No tree on city property may be removed in the process of driveway expansion unless otherwise authorized by City Council.

No driveway curb or retaining wall is permitted to be less than 0.6m (2′) from a city sidewalk or curb.

Any driveway contiguous (parallel) with a private walkway must be separated by a strip of grass or permanent structure such as a flower box of at least 0.76m (2’6″) in width for 80% of the driveway length.

Access ramps

For all driveway enlargements, the city sidewalk needs to also be modified accordingly. Cost of this modification must be paid by the applicant. A non-refundable deposit is required to be submitted when the permit is issued to cover the cost of altering the access ramp (sidewalk). The deposit depends on how much sidewalk needs to be altered, but normally costs between $1,500 and $3,000 over and above standard permit fees.

Protect your renovation investment by hiring a contractor licensed by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ).

How to apply for a permit

  • Submit relevant documents obtained from the supplier.
  • Complete an online or a PDF application form (see below).
  • Pay applicable fees. See Fee schedule guide for a detailed price list.
  • Permits should be issued within five to ten business days depending on the volume of permits being processed and the complexity of application.

It is the responsibility of the owner to obtain required permits. It is the responsibility of the owner to obtain required permits. If you require more information or clarification, please contact the Urban Planning Department at 514-485-6800 or [email protected].