Private swimming pools

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The information contained on this page is simplified and for information purposes only. In case of a contradiction between the By-law and this document, the former will prevail.

A permit is required to install an in-ground or above-ground swimming pool.


The exterior edge of the pool must be no less than 1.52m (5’) from ANY property line.

Pools are only permitted in the rear and lateral yard.

Required fencing around all swimming pools

Effective July 1, 2023 a new provincial legislation will be in effect regarding chain link fences around the pool area. The new legislation stipulates that each link on the fence must measure less than 30mm and that all existing fences must upgraded to this new standard. The previous standard of 50mm will not be grandfathered for older fences.

For safety reasons, access to private swimming pools must be completely restricted by fencing meeting the following requirements:

  • Between 1.82m (6′) and 2.43m (8′) high.
  • Equipped with a self-closing, self-locking gate installed on the inside of the enclosure.
  • Space between the bottom of the fence and the ground cannot be more than 100mm (4″). In the case of a chain-link fence, each link measures less than 50mm (2″).
  • Must not be equipped with any fixture, projecting element or open part enabling it to be climbed.

Provincial legislation also stipulates that a fence at least 1.22m (4′) high restricting access to the pool from the principal dwelling is required.

Distinct features for above-ground swimming pools

Fencing for above-ground pools must meet the same minimums set out in the previous section in addition to the following:

  • If accessed by a staircase, access to the stairs must be restricted. If by a removable ladder, the ladder must be stored away from the pool when not in use.
  • All associated equipment must be at least 1.22m (4′) from the exterior edge of the pool.

Decks and patios adjacent to swimming pools

A deck adjacent to an above-ground pool must be located at least 2m (6’6″) from the rear and lateral property lines. It must have a fence with a minimum height of 0.91m (3′) that is at least 1.83m (6′) from the ground at the base of the pool. The fence must also conform to the above-mentioned criteria for fencing around pools.

Decks on the rear half of a pool cannot exceed a width of 0.91m (3′).

A patio adjacent to an in-ground pool must be 0.91m (3′) from any property line unless the pool is within 1.83m (6′) of the property line then the patio may be up to 0.6m (2′) from the property line.

Protect your renovation investment by hiring a contractor licensed by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ).

How to apply for a permit

  • Submit an up-to-date certificate of location for the subject property to the Urban Planning Department indicating the proposed pool location is required.
  • Relevant documents from the pool supplier.
  • Complete an online or a PDF application form (see below).
  • Pay applicable fees. See Fee schedule guide for a detailed price list.
  • Pool permits should be issued within a week depending on volume of permits being processed and complexity of application.

It is the responsibility of the owner to obtain required permits. It is the responsibility of the owner to obtain required permits. If you require more information or clarification, please contact the Urban Planning Department at 514-485-6800 or [email protected].