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Zoning and construction by-laws

On this page, you will find a list of applicable municipal by-laws pertaining to zoning and construction.

Please note

Please note that the version of the by-laws available on the website is an administrative version, for information purposes only. The complete official version is available from the City Clerk’s Office. In the event of contradiction between the administrative and official versions, the official version shall prevail.

Zoning by-law no. 2217

This by-law divides the territory of the City of Côte Saint-Luc into zones and sets standards that apply to each zone, or to the entire territory.

Construction by-law no. 2593

This by-law allows the city to control the quality, durability, and safety of a building’s structure by regulating the type of materials authorized and the way they are assembled. For example, the construction by-law makes it possible to:

  • Ensure that a certain standard of quality is maintained in construction, by regulating the materials to be used and their assembly.
  • Ensure fire protection by stipulating that all buildings must be equipped with firewalls.
  • Impose certain soundproofing rules for residential buildings located close to a major noise source.

Consult by-law 2593

Subdivision by-law no. 2089

This by-law allows the city to control the division of lots within its territory, to restrict subdivision in certain areas, and to regulate roadways.

By-law concerning minor exemptions no. G-18-0005

This by-law provides a framework for the exceptional procedure by which Council may authorize the carrying out of planned work, or the regularization of work in progress or completed, which does not comply with all the provisions of the zoning or subdivision by-laws. It gives the by-law a certain degree of flexibility in its application, given that it is a so-called “minor” exemption.

Consult by-law G-18-0005

Demolition by-law no. 2345

This by-law prescribes a procedure for requesting the demolition of a building and its approval by the demolition committee, whose function is to decide on demolition requests. The demolition by-law also determines the criteria by which requests are evaluated, including those that apply to heritage buildings.

Consult by-law 2345

By-law concerning a Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) no. 2233

This by-law constitutes the Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) and covers the number of members, their terms of office and the committee’s responsibilities.

Consult by-law 2233

By-law concerning the sanitation and maintenance of dwelling units no. 2595

This by-law enables the city to control situations related to the deterioration of buildings on its territory.

Consult by-law 2595

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