Reduce your ecological footprint

Backyard composting

Backyard composting is the natural breakdown of food and yard waste into a nutrient-rich material, known as humus. In a compost pile, oxygen is used by microorganisms (such as bacteria and fungi) that feed on the organic matter. The microorganisms get the energy (carbon) and protein (nitrogen) they need to survive from the organic materials.

Why do backyard composting

  • To produce an excellent fertilizer for your garden, your houseplants and your lawn in an inexpensive and ecological way.
  • To reduce the volume of your household waste and the corresponding space and cost of burying it in a landfill. Approximately one third of your garbage consists of organic materials that can be composted.
  • To reduce the production of greenhouse gases due to transportation and landfilling.

Buy a composter

To help get you started with your home composting, Côte Saint-Luc makes available composters at a reduced price. To purchase a composter, bring cash or a cheque payable to the City of Côte Saint-Luc in the amount of $40 to the Public Works Department, 7001 Mackle Rd., weekdays from 8:30 am to 3 pm.

The basics of composting