2024-06-30ACC UPDATE — Sunday, June 30 at 2pmAnnouncements
2024-07-18Merchant of the month: La BoutiqueAnnouncements, Local merchants
2024-07-17Coming into force of By-law 2627Public notices
2024-07-09Road markingAnnouncements
2024-07-05Fleet westbound closed starting July 8 between Pinedale and CavendishAnnouncements, Road work
2024-07-05Parkhaven completely blocked to traffic between Trinity and Mackle (July 9 - July 11)Announcements, Road work
2024-07-02Robinson closed north of Merton (July 2 to July 12)Announcements, Road work
2024-06-27Two lanes blocked westbound on Heywood - June 27, 2024Announcements, Road work
2024-06-26Coming into force of by-law no 2397-02Public notices
2024-06-21Lawn watering rulesAnnouncements
2024-06-21Merchant of the month: Pâtisserie AdarAnnouncements, Local merchants
2024-06-19Minor exemptionsPublic notices
2024-06-18Hours of operation and overnight parking for Fête nationale and Canada DayAnnouncements
2024-06-18Heat wave info for June 18 to 20, 2024Announcements
2024-06-17The Côte Saint-Luc Men’s Club Invitational fills the shoes of the Golf ClassicAnnouncements
2024-06-10Moving? Here’s how to dispose of your bulky wasteAnnouncements
2024-06-07Infrastructure work from June 10 until end of August 2024 on Wentworth between Mackle and KildareAnnouncements, Road work
2024-06-07Infrastructure work from June 10 until end of August 2024 on Westluke between Wavell and GuelphAnnouncements, Road work
2024-06-05Request for the demolition of the immovable situated on lot number 1 560 684 (5518 Borden)Public notices
2024-06-05Request for the demolition of the immovable situated on lot number 1 560 683 (5517 Borden)Public notices
2024-06-03Overnight parking tolerance from June 11 to June 14, 2024Announcements
2024-05-29Minor exemptionsPublic notices
2024-05-21Lane closures on Clanranald, intersection with Vézina (4 weeks)Announcements, Road work
2024-05-21Rembrandt northbound lane blocked (May 27-July 19)Announcements, Road work
2024-05-21Intersection of Holland and Redwood blocked (May 27 to July 19)Announcements, Road work
2024-05-21Traffic in District 1Announcements, Road work
2024-05-15Pools at ACC closed on Wednesday, May 15Announcements, Facility closures or breakage
2024-05-15Merchant of the month: Pierre Brunet and McDonald’sAnnouncements, Local merchants
2024-05-15Closure of Baily Street between Kingsley and Trent (May 22-24, 2024)Announcements, Road work
2024-05-15Notice of excavation work on Mackle (May 22 to 28, 2024)Announcements, Road work
2024-05-14Pools at ACC closed on Tuesday, May 14Announcements, Facility closures or breakage
2024-05-13Resolution proclaiming International Day Against Homophobia and TransphobiaResolutions
2024-05-13Hours of operation : Victoria Day, Monday, May 20, 2024Announcements
2024-05-10Côte Saint-Luc Road blocked eastbound between Fielding and Clanranald (May 13 to June 7)Announcements, Road work
2024-05-08Tabling of the financial report and the external auditor’s report for the 2023 fiscal yearPublic notices
2024-05-07Notice of excavation work on EdgemoreAnnouncements, Road work
2024-04-30Splash pads to open on June 1, 2024Announcements
2024-04-30Merchant of the month : Banque Scotia (Quartier Cavendish)Announcements, Local merchants
2024-04-24Minor exemptionsPublic notices
2024-04-24Renewal of the boundaries of the city's territory into electoral districtsPublic notices
2024-04-22Test siren on Wednesday, May 8, 2024 from 9 am to 9:10 amAnnouncements
2024-04-18Closure of Macdonald Ave. between Isabella and Dupuis on April 18, 2024Announcements, Road work
2024-04-17Spring Cleaning Drop-off: Extended HoursAnnouncements
2024-04-17Coming into force of by-law no 2470-4Public notices
2024-04-15Overnight parking tolerance from April 22 avril to May 1Announcements
2024-04-08Join the 2024 City Nature ChallengeAnnouncements
2024-04-08Flushing fire hydrantsAnnouncements, Water network
2024-04-08Resolution calling upon Quebec universities and institutions of higher learning to apply and enforce existing laws and codes of conduct to address violence, harassment or discrimination occurring on campuses and throughout these institutionsResolutions
2024-04-04Snow plowing operationsAnnouncements, Road work
2024-03-21Merchant of the month : Caldwell ProvisionsAnnouncements, Local merchants
2024-03-20Coming into force of loan by-law no 2626Public notices
2024-03-20Coming into force of loan by-law no 2624Public notices
2024-03-20Coming into force of loan by-law no 2621Public notices
2024-03-20Coming into force of Zoning By-law 2217-63Public notices
2024-03-20Change of Regular Council Meeting Date – June 2024Public notices
2024-03-20Coming into force of by-law 2618Public notices
2024-03-19Hours of operation for Easter Holiday Weekend from March 29 to April 1, 2024Announcements
2024-03-18New contractor for collecting recyclablesAnnouncements
2024-03-14Closure of the intersection of Redwood Avenue and Holland Road (March 18-May 24)Announcements, Road work
2024-03-06Partial obstruction of Rembrandt Avenue, between Kildare and Merrimac (March 11-May 17)Announcements, Road work
2024-03-06We are repairing lawnsAnnouncements
2024-03-04Recreation registration 2024Announcements
2024-02-29Merchant of the month : RBC Royal BankAnnouncements, Local merchants
2024-02-21Coming into force of construction by-law 2593-2Public notices
2024-02-21Coming into force of demolition by-law 2345-4Public notices
2024-02-14Coming into force of Zoning By-law 2217-62Resolutions
2024-01-09Merchant of the month: Heidi Witt and Witt RealtyAnnouncements, Local merchants
2023-12-17Merchant of the month: West-End Cavendish Athletic ClubAnnouncements, Local merchants
2023-11-24Supporting the children of AshkelonAnnouncements
2023-11-22Withdrawal of by-law 2474-1Public notices
2023-11-21New reserved lane on Côte Saint-Luc RoadAnnouncements
2023-11-21New reserved lane on Côte Saint-Luc RoadAnnouncements
2023-11-15Merchant of the month: Banav Learning and Clinical ProgramsAnnouncements, Local merchants
2023-11-15Request for referendum approval - Second Draft By-law 2616 on Conditional UsesPublic notices
2023-11-13November 21 library hoursAnnouncements
2023-11-01Request for referendum approval - Draft by-law 2217-NNN-P2Public notices
2023-11-01Request for referendum approval – Draft by-law 2217-NNN-P2Public notices
2023-10-26Aquatic and Community Centre closing early on October 26Announcements
2023-10-25Remembrance Day CeremonyAnnouncements
2023-10-16Resolution of the City of Côte Saint-Luc supporting the introduction of mandatory Holocaust education in QuebecResolutions
2023-10-16Siren test on Wednesday, Oct. 18 2023Announcements
2023-10-13Merchant of the month: Peter Lipari: IGA — Côte Saint-Luc Shopping CentreAnnouncements, Local merchants
2023-10-12Robocall message: security updateAnnouncements
2023-10-11Statement calling on the City of Montreal to impose and enforce strict conditions on public demonstrationsAnnouncements
2023-10-11Côte Saint-Luc mourns the death of Montrealer Alexandre LookAnnouncements
2023-10-11Statement on safety and securityAnnouncements
2023-10-07Library will be closed on Sunday, October 8, 2023Announcements
2023-10-04Hours of operation Thanksgiving, Monday, October 9, 2023Announcements
2023-09-30Merchant of the month: Boulangerie Maxie’sAnnouncements, Local merchants
2023-09-28CSL volunteer Citizens on Patrol looking for new members - Information Session on October 17Announcements
2023-09-27Calendar for the 2024 monthly sittings of CouncilPublic notices
2023-09-27Public Consultation: First draft by-law 2217-NNN-P1Public notices
2023-09-27Public Consultation: First draft by-law 2217-NNN-P1Public consultations, Public notices
2023-09-20Withdrawal of By-law No 2217-60Public notices
2023-09-15Côte Saint-Luc to induct Na’kuset onto its Human Rights WalkwayAnnouncements, Press releases
2023-09-11Withdrawal of By-Law No 2217-60Resolutions
2023-09-08Lane reduction on Cavendish Blvd. - September 9-10Announcements, Road work
2023-09-08Overnight parking tolerance from throughout September and October 2023Announcements
2023-08-31Merchant of the month: Nettoyeurs Lustre-ToneAnnouncements, Local merchants
2023-08-23Minor exemptionsPublic notices
2023-08-23Hours of operation for Labour Day - Monday, September 4, 2023Announcements
2023-08-23Public consultation: Draft By-Law 2593-1 amending Construction By-Law 2593Public notices
2023-08-23Coming into force of demolition by-law 2345-3Public notices
2023-08-23Public consultation: By-Law 2616 on conditional usesPublic notices
2023-08-23Coming into force of Zoning By-law 2217-61Public notices
2023-07-31Merchant of the month: Le Petit Jardin SucréAnnouncements, Local merchants
2023-07-26Holding of registersPublic notices
2023-07-24New Pickleball courts in Côte Saint-Luc to be inaugurated on Tuesday, July 15, 2023Announcements, Press releases
2023-07-21Siren test at CN railyards on Wednesday, July 26, 2023Announcements
2023-07-19Request for referendum approvalPublic notices
2023-07-17Aqueduct repair (sleeving) timelineProjects
2023-07-15Roadwork on Fleet and Cavendish in July and August 2023Announcements
2023-07-13Cavendish Blvd. underpass and Côte Saint-Luc Rd. underpassAnnouncements
2023-07-13Tornado watch on Thursday, July 13Announcements
2023-07-11Waste collection delays this weekAnnouncements
2023-07-07Major Infrastructure Projects: 2023 TimelineProjects
2023-06-30Merchant of the month: Glenn Spence, owner of MTL Bagel and MTL YardieAnnouncements, Local merchants
2023-06-30Canada Day event at Wagar Field postponed to SeptemberAnnouncements
2023-06-29Air quality on Thursday, June 29Announcements
2023-06-28Water pressure updateAnnouncements
2023-06-28Coming into force of By-law 2615Public notices
2023-06-21Coming into force of By-law 2554-4Public notices
2023-06-21Minor exemptionsPublic notices
2023-06-21Request for referendum approvalPublic notices
2023-06-21Public consultation meeting regarding By-Law No. 2217Public notices
2023-06-19Hours of operation and overnight parking for Fête nationale and Canada DayAnnouncements
2023-06-15CSL Golf Classic set for August 8, 2023Announcements
2023-06-14Coming into force by-law 2614Public notices
2023-06-12Closing a section of the children playing area at Mitchell Brownstein park (June 12 to June 22)Announcements, Facility closures or breakage
2023-06-08Municipalities with bilingual status file action at Superior Court challenging five areas of Law 96Announcements, Press releases
2023-05-31Information session by Hydro-Québec on Monday, June 5Announcements
2023-05-31Merchant of the month: Bijü – Stephane ZnatyAnnouncements, Local merchants
2023-05-26Opportunity for Free Water Sampling TestsAnnouncements
2023-05-26Positions requiring knowledge of a language other than the official languagePublic notices
2023-05-24Minor exemptionPublic notices
2023-05-22Overnight parking tolerance from May 25 to May 27, 2023Announcements
2023-05-19Major traffic disruption on Côte Saint-Luc from May 29 to June 9Announcements, Road work
2023-05-17Coming into force of loan by-law 2605Public notices
2023-05-16Lane reduction on Westminster Ave. between Côte-Saint-Luc Rd. and the underpass on Wednesday, May 17, 2023Announcements, Road work
2023-05-15Hours of operation for Victoria Day, Monday, May 22Announcements
2023-05-10Information about CN’s Vegetation Management ProgramAnnouncements
2023-05-05Compost Giveaway for CSL Residents on Thursday, May 18, 2023Announcements
2023-05-04Lane reduction on Kildare near Caldwell from May 8 to 12, 2023Announcements, Road work
2023-05-04Broadway-style hilarity arrives in Côte Saint-Luc with Something Rotten! Announcements, Press releases
2023-05-04Sidewalk reconstruction projectAnnouncements
2023-05-03Coming into force of loan by-law 2607Public notices
2023-04-30Merchant of the month: Nettoyeur JackAnnouncements, Local merchants
2023-04-26Filing of the financial report and the external auditor’s report for the 2022 fiscal yearPublic notices
2023-04-26Coming into force of by-law 2611Public notices
2023-04-26Coming into force of by-law 2608Public notices
2023-04-24Flushing fire hydrantsAnnouncements, Water network
2023-04-19Coming into force of by-law 2610Public notices
2023-04-19Coming into force of by-law 2609Public notices
2023-04-17Ruth Kovac Blood Donor Clinic to be held on May 2, 2023Announcements
2023-04-14Procedure for claims of damages to property related to the ice stormAnnouncements
2023-04-13UPDATED: Lanes reduced on Kildare near Kellert from April 17 to May 5, 2023Announcements, Road work
2023-04-11Please Slow Down lawn signs available for 2023 seasonAnnouncements
2023-04-11Trudeau Park forested area temporarily closedAnnouncements
2023-04-11Nathan Shuster Park temporarily closedAnnouncements
2023-04-11CSL volunteer Citizens on Patrol looking for new members: Information Session on April 19Announcements, Press releases
2023-04-09Ice storm update #4Announcements
2023-04-07Ice storm update #3Announcements
2023-04-06Ice storm update #2Announcements
2023-04-06Ice storm update #1Announcements
2023-03-31Merchant of the month: Ponctuation GrafixAnnouncements, Local merchants
2023-03-30Hours of operation for Good Friday, April 7 and Easter Monday, April 10, 2023Announcements
2023-03-29Avian influenzaAnnouncements
2023-03-29Coming into force of by-law 2613Public notices
2023-03-29Coming into force of loan by-law 2606Public notices
2023-03-29Coming into force of loan by-law 2604Public notices
2023-03-29Coming into force of loan by-law 2603Public notices
2023-03-24Download the REC GuideAnnouncements
2023-03-23Join the City Nature ChallengeAnnouncements
2023-03-17Sewer rehabilitation project 2023Projects
2023-03-13Resolutions regarding Act to amend the Official Languages Act, to enact the Use of French in Federally Regulated Private Businesses Act and to make related amendments to other Acts (Bill C-13)Resolutions
2023-03-08Public consultation meeting regarding By-law 2217-LLL-P1Public notices
2023-03-06Spring cleaning drop off at Public Works: extended hoursAnnouncements
2023-03-01Public consultation meeting regarding the Master Plan By-lawPublic notices
2023-03-01We are repairing lawnsAnnouncements
2023-02-28Merchant of the month: Jason Zuckerman, Real Estate Mortgage BrokerAnnouncements, Local merchants
2023-02-22Coming into force of By-law 2602Public notices
2023-02-22Minor ExemptionsPublic notices
2023-02-22Change of Regular Council Meeting Date – April 2023Public notices
2023-02-22Coming into force of By-law 2470-3Public notices
2023-02-13All 48 municipalities threatened with the loss of bilingual status have adopted the necessary resolutions to preserve it Announcements
2023-02-08Côte Saint-Luc mourns victims of tragedy at Laval daycare centreAnnouncements
2023-02-01Coming into force of By-law 2537-3Public notices
2023-02-01Holding of a register for qualified voters entitled to have their names entered on the referendum list for the City of Côte Saint-LucPublic notices
2023-01-31Merchant of the month: Steiner CoffeeAnnouncements, Local merchants
2023-01-30Spring break activities from February 20 to March 12, 2023Announcements
2023-01-10Christmas trees collectionAnnouncements
2023-01-07City phone line service disruptionAnnouncements
2022-12-28Merchant of the month: Café AquaAnnouncements, Local merchants
2022-12-28Minor exemptionsPublic notices
2022-12-28Coming into force of By-law 2574-2Public notices
2022-12-28Coming into force of By-law 2600Public notices
2022-12-28Coming into force of By-law 2612Public notices
2022-12-22Reduction in local budget spending marks 2023 operating budgetAnnouncements, Press releases
2022-12-21Winter activities during the holidays 2022–2023 Announcements
2022-12-21Maintenance of Status as a Body Recognized Under the Charter of the French LanguageResolutions
2022-12-12Hours of operation and overnight parking tolerance for the end-of-year holidaysAnnouncements
2022-12-07Alienation of propertyPublic notices
2022-12-07Sale for non-payment of property taxes or transfer duties for the year 2021 or earlierPublic notices
2022-12-07Adoption of the City of Côte Saint-Luc’s 2023 Budget and Three-Year Capital Expenditure Programme for 2023, 2024 and 2025Public notices
2022-11-30Merchant of the month: Leyleys Trendy Salad BarAnnouncements, Local merchants
2022-11-24New collection days starting December 12, 2022Announcements
2022-11-23Minor exemptionsPublic notices
2022-11-23Coming into force of By-law 2537-2Public notices
2022-11-23Coming into force of by-law 2539-5Public notices
2022-10-31Merchant of the month: Le King David ResidenceAnnouncements, Local merchants
2022-10-28City names former city councillor as chairman of vCOPAnnouncements
2022-10-26Minor exemptionPublic notices
2022-10-25Sirens during training exercise at CN railyardsAnnouncements
2022-10-24Remembrance Day Ceremony (new location)Announcements
2022-10-19Park naming ceremonyAnnouncements
2022-10-07Lane reduction on Cavendish Blvd. between Côte-Saint-Luc Rd. and Merton Rd. on October 11 and 12Announcements, Road work
2022-10-06Hours of operation Thanksgiving, Monday, October 10, 2022Announcements
2022-09-30National Day for Truth and ReconciliationAnnouncements
2022-09-23On-street parking toleranceAnnouncements
2022-09-21Deposit of the Real Estate Assessment roll for the years 2023-2024-2025Public notices
2022-09-21Minor exemptionsPublic notices
2022-09-21Request for the demolition of the immovable situated on lot number 1 052 571 (8037 Kildare)Public notices
2022-09-21Coming into force of by-law 2539-4Public notices
2022-09-21Calendar for the 2023 monthly sittings of CouncilPublic notices
2022-09-16Côte Saint-Luc Public Library receives $500,000 from philanthropist Roslyn Margles in support of Children’s LibraryAnnouncements, Press releases
2022-09-15Help us craft the Master Plan by completing a surveyAnnouncements, Public consultations
2022-09-12Siren test on Friday, September 23, 2022Announcements
2022-09-08Statement by City on the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth IIAnnouncements
2022-08-31Merchant of the month: Dollar Cinema – Bernie GurbergAnnouncements, Local merchants
2022-08-29Hours of operation, overnight parking tolerance and waste collection for Labour Day, Monday, September 5, 2022Announcements
2022-08-18Emergency street closure due to fire | Westminster and Côte-Saint-LucAnnouncements, Public security
2022-08-10Coming into force of by-law 2598Public notices
2022-08-10Coming into force of by-law 2537-1Public notices
2022-08-10Coming into force of by-law 2470-2Public notices
2022-08-10Coming into force of by-law 2312-1Public notices
2022-08-09The ACC and Gymnasium are closed from August 19 to September 11Announcements
2022-08-08Adoption of the Côte Saint-Luc 2021 assessment of measures and 2022 action plan for the disabled communityResolutions
2022-07-31Merchant of the month: CinéStarz DeluxeAnnouncements, Local merchants
2022-07-25Caregivers, participate in workshopsAnnouncements
2022-07-20Minor exemptionsPublic notices
2022-07-15Côte Saint-Luc calls on Government of Canada to make Monarch butterfly fields and all federal lands north of Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau International Airport into the first National Urban Park in the CMMAnnouncements, Press releases
2022-07-14Take the guesswork out of sorting your wasteAnnouncements, Press releases
2022-07-11Resolution Requesting the Federal Government Collaborate with the Cities of Montreal and Dorval to Preserve and Protect Federal Lands North of Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau International Airport, in the Areas Known as the Technoparc and Golf DorvalResolutions
2022-07-05Making it easier to ask questions from home during City Council MeetingsAnnouncements
2022-07-01Emergency evacuation assistance programAnnouncements
2022-06-30Merchant of the month: Côte-Saint-Luc BagelAnnouncements, Local merchants
2022-06-22Coming into force of by-law 2597Public notices
2022-06-22Change of Regular Council Meeting date – October 2022Public notices
2022-06-22Minor exemptionPublic notices
2022-06-17Hours of operation and overnight parking for Fête Nationale and Canada DayAnnouncements
2022-06-17Public consultation meeting regarding By-law 2596 (SCAOPI)Announcements, Public consultations
2022-06-14Celebrations: National Indigenous Peoples Day, Canada Day and Fête nationaleAnnouncements
2022-06-13Vaccination clinic on Thursday, June 16, 2022Announcements, Coronavirus
2022-06-02Statement regarding reports of break-ins in the city Announcements
2022-05-31Merchant of the month: Nemes OrthoAnnouncements, Local merchants
2022-05-31Overnight parking tolerance from June 3 to June 7, 2022Announcements
2022-05-25Minor exemptionsPublic notices
2022-05-25Coming into force of loan by-law 2592Public notices
2022-05-25Coming into force of loan by-law 2591Public notices
2022-05-25Coming into force of loan by-law 2590Public notices
2022-05-25Coming into force of loan by-law 2589Public notices
2022-05-20Côte Saint-Luc announces launch of consultations into new master plan and zoning by-law revision Announcements
2022-05-18Coming into force of loan by-law 2398-5Public notices
2022-05-18Coming into force of loan by-law 2217-59Public notices
2022-05-16Hours of operation for Victoria Day, Monday, May 23Announcements
2022-05-13Masks recommended but not required at Côte Saint-Luc municipal buildings, with some exceptionsAnnouncements, Coronavirus
2022-05-11Washrooms closed at Yitzhak Rabin Park from May 11 to 17Announcements
2022-05-11Coming into force of loan by-law 2588Public notices
2022-05-11Coming into force of loan by-law 2587Public notices
2022-05-11Coming into force of loan by-law 2586Public notices
2022-05-11Coming into force of loan by-law 2585Public notices
2022-05-11Coming into force of loan by-law 2583Public notices
2022-05-11Public Consultation Meeting Re: By-Law 2596 Concerning Specific Construction, Alteration Or Occupancy Proposal For An Immovable (SCAOPI)Public notices
2022-05-06Compost Giveaway for CSL Residents on Thursday, May 19, 2022Announcements
2022-05-04Innovative, new research project from CIUSSS West-Central Montreal better supports Côte Saint-Luc seniorsAnnouncements, Press releases
2022-04-30Merchant of the month: NosherzAnnouncements, Local merchants
2022-04-27Financial report and external auditor’s report for the 2021 fiscal yearPublic notices
2022-04-27Coming into force of By-law No. 2580Public notices
2022-04-22Preventing fraud and identity theft among Côte Saint-Luc SeniorsAnnouncements
2022-04-21Avian influenzaAnnouncements
2022-04-20Request for opening a registerPublic notices
2022-04-20Minor exemptionsPublic notices
2022-04-20YidLife Crisis wins a $25,000 grant to produce a video inspired by the history of Côte Saint-LucAnnouncements, Press releases
2022-04-19Blue bin collection delays on April 19Announcements
2022-04-14Information on the use of outdoor firesAnnouncements
2022-04-14Volunteer patrollers back on the road in Côte Saint-Luc Announcements, Press releases
2022-04-13Côte Saint-Luc asks Quebec to allow remote/in-person hybrid meetings Announcements, Press releases
2022-04-11Côte Saint-Luc Bill 96 ResolutionResolutions
2022-04-11Resolution to request legislative amendments to allow remote participation of Council MembersResolutions
2022-04-08Ruth Kovac Blood Donor Clinic to be held on May 3, 2022Announcements
2022-04-08Hours of operation for Good Friday, April 15 and Easter Monday, April 18, 2022Announcements
2022-04-07The public can now ask questions by video conference at Côte Saint-Luc City Council meetingsAnnouncements
2022-04-01Spring cleaning drop off at Public Works: extended hoursAnnouncements
2022-03-31Merchant of the month: Coop Sportive Santé gymAnnouncements, Local merchants
2022-03-23Tabling of Draft By-law No. 2580Public notices
2022-03-23Public consultation meeting for the amendment of zoning by-law No. 2217Public consultations, Public notices
2022-03-23Coming into force of loan by-law No. 2582Public notices
2022-03-23Coming into force of loan by-law No. 2584Public notices
2022-03-23Coming into force of By-law No. 2595Public notices
2022-03-23Minor exemptionsPublic notices
2022-03-23Sale for non-payment of property taxes or transfer dutiesPublic notices
2022-03-22Vaccination clinic on March 29, 2022Announcements, Coronavirus
2022-03-14Resolution in support of the people of UkraineResolutions
2022-03-14Resolution in support of Dawson CollegeResolutions
2022-03-14Resolution to proclaim May 17, 2022, as the international day against homophobia and transphobiaResolutions
2022-03-14Resolution to proclaim May 17, 2022, as the international day against homophobia and transphobiaResolutions
2022-03-10Expanded hours at Aquatic and Community Centre and Public Library and an end of vaccine passportsAnnouncements, Coronavirus
2022-03-10Showing your support for UkrainiansAnnouncements
2022-03-08Summary of the expenses of a private intervenorPublic notices
2022-03-08Summary of the 2021 election expensesPublic notices
2022-03-08Virtual public meetingPublic notices
2022-03-02We are repairing lawnsAnnouncements
2022-02-28Merchant of the month: Talon MinuteAnnouncements, Local merchants
2022-02-26Statement regarding Russian invasion of UkraineAnnouncements
2022-02-23Coming into force of By-law No. 2579Public notices
2022-02-23Coming into force of By-law No. 2593Public notices
2022-02-23Coming into force of By-law No. 2594Public notices
2022-02-23Minor exemptionsPublic notices
2022-02-14Spring break activities from February 21 to March 6, 2022Announcements
2022-02-09Sale for non-payment of property taxes of transfer dutiesPublic notices
2022-01-31Merchant of the month: Pharmaprix CavendishAnnouncements, Local merchants
2022-01-26Public consultation concerning draft by-law no. 2593Public notices
2022-01-26Tabling Draft By-law no. 2579Public notices
2022-01-26Holding for a register for qualified votersPublic notices
2022-01-26Request for a minor exemptionPublic notices
2022-01-26Coming into force of by-law no. 2577Public notices
2022-01-07ACC to re-open for lap swimming starting Saturday, January 8Announcements
2021-12-21Hours of operation, Overnight parking tolerance and waste collection schedule for the period of December 24, 2021 to January 4, 2022 inclusivelyAnnouncements
2021-12-21Changes to City services due to new COVID-19 rules by the Quebec governmentAnnouncements, Coronavirus
2021-12-19COVID-19: Telephone alert #23Announcements, Coronavirus
2021-11-26STM ConsultationAnnouncements, Public consultations
2021-10-14Côte Saint-Luc looking for community partners for research study to help frail and isolated seniorsAnnouncements, Press releases
2021-10-07Hours of operation, waste collection and overnight parking tolerance for Thanksgiving, Monday, October 11, 2021Announcements
2021-10-05Côte Saint-Luc Compost Giveaway on Thursday, Oct. 21, 2021Announcements
2021-10-05Côte Saint-Luc calls on the Government of Quebec to remove Bill 96 from the order paper and meaningful consult the English-speaking communityAnnouncements, Press releases
2021-10-012021 Municipal Elections: elected by acclamation in Côte Saint-LucAnnouncements
2021-10-01Siren test on Saturday, October 2, 2021Announcements
2021-10-01CSL Cats Committee to once again hold a virtual concert and raffleAnnouncements
2021-09-29National Day for Truth and ReconciliationAnnouncements
2021-09-10Côte Saint-Luc Road closed between Sunnybrook and WestminsterAnnouncements, Road work
2021-08-31COVID-19: Telephone alert #22Announcements, Coronavirus
2021-08-31Parking tolerance on holidaysAnnouncements
2021-08-30Côte Saint-Luc to control access to recreational buildings and library ⁠Announcements, Coronavirus
2021-08-30Hours of operation and overnight parking tolerance for Labour DayAnnouncements
2021-08-27Call out to Artist Groups, Collectives, and Organizations in Côte Saint-Luc for project submissions: Le Conseil des arts de Montréal announces $25 000 grantAnnouncements, Press releases
2021-08-16Your new black bin is coming soonAnnouncements
2021-08-08COVID-19: Telephone alert #21Announcements, Coronavirus
2021-07-27**Cancelled**: Tee’d Off at Covid: The 19th Hole set for August 11, 2021!Announcements
2021-07-21Message from Côte Saint-Luc regarding delays in curbside collectionAnnouncements
2021-07-21CP: Test sirens on Friday, July 23, between 10 am and 10:20 amAnnouncements
2021-07-20The Côte Saint-Luc Public Library is now open without a reservationAnnouncements, Coronavirus
2021-07-16Côte Saint-Luc and union representing white collar employees sign collective agreementAnnouncements, Press releases
2021-07-02Water pressure reduction across Côte Saint-Luc from July 12 to July 14, 2021Announcements, Water network
2021-06-25New rules for accessing Côte Saint-Luc facilities (updated June 24, 2021)Announcements
2021-06-24Pre-Budget Consultation Meeting on Tuesday, June 29, 2021Announcements
2021-06-23Côte Saint-Luc becomes a Monarch-Friendly CityAnnouncements, Press releases
2021-06-21Hours of operation and overnight parking for Fête Nationale and Canada DayAnnouncements
2021-06-04Green Patrol in Côte Saint-LucAnnouncements
2021-06-01Côte Saint-Luc business owners, school principals, health care professionals and influencers urge people to get vaccinatedAnnouncements, Coronavirus
2021-05-31Côte Saint-Luc lowers flags to half-mast to honour the 215 children whose lives were takenAnnouncements
2021-05-26Blue Patrol in Côte Saint-LucAnnouncements
2021-05-19Côte Saint-Luc calls on other cities to stand with the Jewish communityAnnouncements
2021-05-18Telephone alert: recent incidents targeting the Jewish communityAnnouncements
2021-05-18Statement regarding the arrest of two men in Côte Saint-LucAnnouncements
2021-05-17Siren test at CN railyards on Wednesday, May 19, 2021Announcements
2021-05-14Hours of operation for Victoria Day, Monday, May 24Announcements
2021-05-14Côte Saint-Luc concerned over impact of new proposed Quebec language lawAnnouncements
2021-05-13Flushing of fire hydrants in south-western Côte Saint-Luc on May 14, 2021Announcements, Water network
2021-05-12Côte Saint-Luc stands with the people of Ashkelon as they face intolerable rocket attacksAnnouncements
2021-05-11Côte Saint-Luc will oppose any effort by CAQ to withdraw municipal bilingual statusAnnouncements, Press releases
2021-05-11Parking tolerance from May 16 to May 19, 2021Announcements
2021-05-04Opening of a training centre for the staff of the Côte Saint-Luc Public Safety DepartmentAnnouncements, Press releases
2021-04-25COVID-19: Telephone alert #20Announcements, Coronavirus
2021-04-13Ruth Kovac Blood Donor Clinic to be held on May 4, 2021Announcements
2021-04-09Statement on the passing of The Duke of EdinburghAnnouncements
2021-04-09Côte Saint-Luc secures $3.94 million from governments of Canada and Quebec to repair and develop Kirwan ParkAnnouncements, Press releases
2021-04-05Telephone alert: April 5, 2021 - Fire hydrantsAnnouncements
2021-04-05New black bins coming soon to single-family homes and duplexesAnnouncements
2021-03-30Fitness room to remain closed at ACCAnnouncements, Facility closures or breakage
2021-03-30Flushing of fire hydrants from April 6 to April 9, 2021Announcements, Water network
2021-03-26No curbside waste collection on Friday, March 26, 2021Announcements
2021-03-23Hours of operation for Good Friday, April 2 and Easter Monday, April 5, 2021Announcements
2021-03-22We are repairing lawnsAnnouncements
2021-03-21COVID-19: Telephone alert #19Announcements, Coronavirus
2021-03-19Côte Saint-Luc calling on Quebec elections office to expand mail-in voting for November 2021 municipal electionsAnnouncements, Coronavirus, Press releases
2021-03-12Spring cleaning drop-off: extended hoursAnnouncements
2021-03-09COVID-19: Telephone alert #18Announcements, Coronavirus
2021-03-07Council meeting on March 8, 2021, at 8 pmAnnouncements
2021-02-25City Hall remains closed to walk-in visits until April 19Announcements, Facility closures or breakage
2021-02-25How to get vaccinatedAnnouncements, Coronavirus
2021-02-23COVID-19: Telephone alert #17Announcements, Coronavirus
2021-02-23March break activities for children ages 5 to 12Announcements
2021-02-22Côte Saint-Luc launches referral service to help connect residents with organizations that can help Announcements, Coronavirus
2021-02-22Dog and cat microchipping mandatory in Côte Saint-Luc starting April 6, 2021Announcements
2021-02-19Arena and ACC to re-open by reservation starting Friday, February 26, 2021Announcements, Coronavirus
2021-02-12COVID-19: Telephone alert #16Announcements, Coronavirus
2021-01-09COVID-19: Telephone alert #15Announcements, Coronavirus
2021-01-08Municipal buildings and office will be closed to the public from January 9 to February 8, 2021Announcements, Facility closures or breakage
2020-12-31New hockey ice time reservation system at the Confederation Annex launches Friday, January 1 at noonAnnouncements
2020-12-23Côte Saint-Luc adopts 2021 budget: No tax increase for average residential homeAnnouncements, Press releases
2020-12-18Cities unite around collective and active mobility solutions for the Namur–De la Savane sector and along Cavendish Blvd.Announcements, Press releases
2020-12-18Cities unite around collective and active mobility solutions for the Namur–De la Savane sector and along Cavendish Blvd.Announcements, Press releases
2020-12-16Hours of operation and overnight parking tolerance for the end-of-year holidaysAnnouncements
2020-12-09Côte Saint-Luc urges Montreal to submit Cavendish road extension project to the BAPEAnnouncements, Press releases
2020-12-07Council meetings on December 21 and 23, 2020Announcements
2020-12-06COVID-19: Telephone alert #14Announcements, Coronavirus
2020-12-04Council meeting on December 14, 2020, at 8 pmAnnouncements
2020-12-02How to provide feedback to the ARTM consultationAnnouncements
2020-12-02Bins to collect used personal protection equipment (PPE)Announcements, Coronavirus
2020-11-26Statement regarding patient care by first responders in Côte Saint-LucAnnouncements, Coronavirus
2020-11-08COVID-19: Telephone alert #13Announcements, Coronavirus
2020-11-03Virtual Remembrance Day CommemorationAnnouncements
2020-10-23Halloween Drive-In MovieAnnouncements
2020-10-14Thursday evening, October 22, Côte Saint-Luc Cats Committee plans Virtual Variety ShowAnnouncements
2020-10-07COVID-19: Telephone alert #12Announcements, Coronavirus
2020-10-07Changes to Recreation programming in October due to Quebec government updates Announcements, Coronavirus
2020-10-07Hours of operation for Thanksgiving Monday, October 12, 2020Announcements
2020-10-05Council meeting on Monday, October 5, 2020, at 8 pmAnnouncements
2020-10-02Message from Mayor Brownstein: Update on the situation of COVID-19 as of October 2, 2020Announcements, Coronavirus
2020-10-01Teen Zone activitiesAnnouncements
2020-10-01October 15, 2020 compost giveaway cancelledAnnouncements, Coronavirus
2020-09-22Park and Recreation fall programmingAnnouncements
2020-09-21Alert siren test on September 24Announcements
2020-09-16COVID-19: Telephone alert #11Announcements, Coronavirus
2020-09-16The high holiday period and toleranceAnnouncements, Coronavirus
2020-09-15Overnight parking toleranceAnnouncements
2020-09-09ACC pools closed to the public on Sunday, September 13 from 4 pm to 8 pmAnnouncements, Facility closures or breakage
2020-09-04Council Meeting on Monday, September 14 at 8pmAnnouncements
2020-09-04Back to school message from Mayor BrownsteinAnnouncements, Coronavirus
2020-08-28Hours of operation for Labour DayAnnouncements
2020-08-12Special Council Meeting on Monday, August 24 at 6pmAnnouncements
2020-08-12Special Council Meeting on Thursday, August 20 at 6pmAnnouncements
2020-08-11Green Patrol in Côte Saint-LucAnnouncements
2020-08-10Heat wave: Gymnasium to serve as a cooling station on Tuesday, August 11, 2020 from 10am to 8pmAnnouncements
2020-08-06Damage to sprinkler systems and other private encroachmentsAnnouncements
2020-08-05Council meeting on Monday, August 10Announcements
2020-07-29Work at snow dump from August 3 to August 5Announcements
2020-07-28Heat wave: Gymnasium to serve as a cooling station from July 28 to July 30Announcements
2020-07-22Bike rodeo: Bike Safety with Station 9 Police August 5 and 12Announcements
2020-07-21Côte Saint-Luc Public Library reopens to the public on July 27 2020Announcements, Coronavirus
2020-07-08Council meeting on July 13Announcements
2020-07-08Heat wave: Gymnasium to serve as a cooling station from July 8 to July 12Announcements
2020-07-07Portable pools: be aware of the dangersAnnouncements
2020-07-06Flower giveaway on Sunday, July 12Announcements
2020-07-03The Aquatic and Community Centre to re-open on July 6Announcements
2020-06-30EMS restarts operations on Tuesday, June 30Announcements, Coronavirus
2020-06-28COVID-19: Telephone alert #10Announcements, Coronavirus
2020-06-26Safety drill in St-Luc Yards on Friday, June 26 at 5pmAnnouncements, Public security
2020-06-25Special council meeting on June 25Announcements
2020-06-24Happy National Holiday of QuebecAnnouncements
2020-06-23New admission method at Parkhaven PoolAnnouncements
2020-06-23Canada Day at home and onlineAnnouncements
2020-06-23Hours of operation and overnight parking for Fête Nationale and Canada DayAnnouncements
2020-06-22Special council meeting on June 22Announcements
2020-06-19Water pressureAnnouncements, Water network
2020-06-18Parkhaven pool and wading pool and Yitzhak Rabin wading pool to open on June 22Announcements
2020-06-18Heat wave: Gymnasium to serve as a cooling station from June 18 to June 24Announcements
2020-06-18COVID-19: Property tax bills: second installment deadline postponed to August 28, 2020Announcements, Coronavirus
2020-06-16Electrical system upgrade in Côte Saint-Luc: Progress report on the activities of the working committeeAnnouncements, Public consultations
2020-06-15Côte Saint-Luc denounces violence, racism and systemic discriminationAnnouncements
2020-06-15Volleyball court construction at Singerman ParkAnnouncements
2020-06-11City Hall reception desk reopens to the public on Monday, June 15, 2020Announcements, Coronavirus
2020-06-05Work to begin breaking up snow and ice at snow dumpAnnouncements
2020-06-05Council meeting on June 8Announcements
2020-06-05COVID-19 mobile testing clinic in CSL on June 10 and 11Announcements, Coronavirus
2020-06-04Playgrounds to openAnnouncements, Coronavirus
2020-06-03Côte Saint-Luc to distribute face coverings and disposable masksAnnouncements, Coronavirus
2020-06-02By-law 2557 on face coverings and other temporary measures in response to COVID-19Announcements, Coronavirus
2020-06-01A special Council meeting will take place on Monday, June 1, 2020, at 8 pmAnnouncements
2020-05-31COVID-19: Telephone alert #8Announcements, Coronavirus
2020-05-28CSL Library to resume loaning of library materials starting Monday, June 15Announcements, Coronavirus
2020-05-26Tennis Club courts to re-open by June 15Announcements, Coronavirus
2020-05-26COVID-19 mobile testing clinic in CSL on May 27 and 28Announcements, Coronavirus
2020-05-25Public tennis courts re-opening in Côte Saint-LucAnnouncements, Coronavirus
2020-05-23Côte Saint-Luc City Council to table draft by-law making face coverings mandatory at municipal buildings and storesAnnouncements, Coronavirus, Press releases
2020-05-21Virtual District Meeting on June 3 at 7:15pm - Districts 2, 6 and 8Announcements
2020-05-20COVID-19: A special Council meeting will be held by video conference on May 25 at 8pmAnnouncements, Coronavirus
2020-05-15City-run summer camps cancelled in Côte Saint-LucAnnouncements, Coronavirus
2020-05-14Brown bin collection (organic waste) on Monday, May 18, National Patriots' DayAnnouncements
2020-05-11A Council meeting will take place on Monday, May 11, 2020, at 8 pmAnnouncements
2020-05-10COVID-19: Telephone alert #7Announcements, Coronavirus
2020-05-07Accelerated water testing postponed until 2021Announcements, Coronavirus
2020-05-04Send your questions to the SPVM regarding the proposed merger of stations 9 and 11Announcements
2020-04-20Residential construction partially resumes as of April 20, 2020Announcements, Coronavirus
2020-04-19COVID-19: Telephone alert #6Announcements, Coronavirus
2020-04-16Resumption of services for landscaping contractorsAnnouncements
2020-04-07Taxation Relief Measures due to COVID-19 Pandemic Approved by the City CouncilAnnouncements, Coronavirus
2020-04-06The Mayor of the City of Côte Saint-Luc thanks clergy for their support on efforts at social distancing as the spring holidays approachAnnouncements, Coronavirus, Press releases
2020-04-06Add rainbows to your windowAnnouncements, Coronavirus
2020-04-06A Council meeting will be held by video conference on April 6 at 8 pmAnnouncements
2020-04-06COVID-19: Telephone alert #5Announcements, Coronavirus
2020-04-03Throw wipes and soiled facial tissues in the garbageAnnouncements, Coronavirus
2020-04-03Extra garbage collection on Tuesday, April 7, 2020Announcements
2020-03-30Urgences-santé and the Ministry of Health asks to suspend all first responder services on the island of MontrealAnnouncements, Coronavirus
2020-03-30City of Côte Saint-Luc launches Telephone Broadcasting Service to reach older adults without Internet accessAnnouncements, Coronavirus, Press releases
2020-03-27COVID-19: Easter and Passover: Reminder of rules regarding indoor and outdoor gatheringsAnnouncements, Coronavirus
2020-03-27COVID-19: Telephone alert #4Announcements, Coronavirus
2020-03-27COVID-19: New mail drop-off box outside of City HallAnnouncements, Coronavirus
2020-03-25COVID-19: Côte Saint-Luc extends the deadline to remove tempos to May 1, 2020Announcements, Coronavirus
2020-03-24COVID-19: Property tax bills: second installment deadline postponed by a monthAnnouncements, Coronavirus
2020-03-23COVID-19: Changes to curbside collection rulesAnnouncements, Coronavirus
2020-03-22COVID-19: Playgrounds and dog runs closedAnnouncements, Facility closures or breakage
2020-03-22COVID-19: Telephone alert #3Announcements, Coronavirus
2020-03-21COVID-19: Côte Saint-Luc requests authorizing to extend of state of emergency and adds additional measuresAnnouncements, Coronavirus
2020-03-20COVID-19: A special Council meeting will be held by video conference on March 20 at 2pmAnnouncements, Coronavirus
2020-03-19Statement regarding the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in Côte Saint-LucAnnouncements, Coronavirus
2020-03-19COVID-19: Message from Mayor Mitchell Brownstein for those returning from abroadAnnouncements, Coronavirus
2020-03-17COVID-19: Côte Saint-Luc activates state-of-emergency power to help stop mass gatheringsAnnouncements, Coronavirus
2020-03-17COVID-19: Overnight parking and alternate parking toleranceAnnouncements, Coronavirus
2020-03-17COVID-19: A special Council meeting will be held by video conference on March 17 at 3:30pmAnnouncements, Coronavirus
2020-03-16COVID-19: Council meeting closed to the public but streamed on YouTubeAnnouncements, Coronavirus
2020-03-15COVID-19: Côte Saint-Luc extends closure to all municipal buildingsAnnouncements, Facility closures or breakage
2020-03-14COVID-19: Recreation program registration postponed indefinitelyAnnouncements, Coronavirus
2020-03-13By-elections postponedAnnouncements, Coronavirus
2020-03-12COVID-19: Library and Aquatic and Community Centre to close March 12Announcements, Facility closures or breakage
2020-03-12City Council meeting still planned for Monday (update: in video conference only)Announcements, Coronavirus
2020-03-12Men's Club activities cancelledAnnouncements, Coronavirus
2020-03-11Preparing for CoronavirusAnnouncements, Coronavirus
2020-02-17Mayors unite around transit solutions for Décarie Blvd. as redevelopment of the sector continuesAnnouncements, Press releases
2020-02-17Mayors unite around transit solutions for Décarie Blvd. as redevelopment of the sector continuesAnnouncements, Press releases, Public consultations
2020-02-17Spring break activitiesAnnouncements
2020-02-12Valentine Dance and Winter Carnival 2020Announcements
2020-02-11Passing of former Côte Saint-Luc City Councillor Isadore GoldbergAnnouncements
2020-02-06Snow storm (February 6 to 7)Announcements
2020-01-28Call for Candidates – Planning Advisory CommitteeAnnouncements
2020-01-23Tree felling at western end of Côte Saint-Luc Rd.Announcements
2020-01-10Statement on Ukrainian International Airlines Flight 752Announcements
2019-12-13Hours of operation for the end-of-year holidaysAnnouncements
2019-12-03Water test results: average lead concentration below norm, 84 percent of tested homes at or below normAnnouncements
2019-11-29Côte Saint-Luc updates action plan on water service lines made of leadAnnouncements
2019-11-20The future Blue Bonnets development: pushing for better transportation and mobility options for our areaAnnouncements
2019-11-19Lead pipes and drinking water: response to Global News reportAnnouncements
2019-11-12Lead pipes and drinking waterAnnouncements
2019-11-08Improvements to Côte Saint-Luc Rd.Announcements
2019-11-03Road to Meadowbrook Golf Course closed (November 3, 2019)Announcements, Road work
2019-11-01Heavy wind: what the city is doing and how you can helpAnnouncements
2019-10-31Halloween: Trick-or-treating in Côte Saint-LucAnnouncements
2019-10-30Rain, wind, flash floods, and ponding on Thursday, October 31Announcements
2019-10-29Remembrance Day Commemoration on Friday, November 8, 2019, at 11 am in the City Hall Council ChamberAnnouncements
2019-10-18Memorial event to honour Ruth Kovac on October 23Announcements
2019-10-18Our Halloween event, Sunday Spooktacular, takes place on October 27Announcements
2019-10-18Temporary car shelters: reminderAnnouncements
2019-10-07NEW DATE: Côte Saint-Luc Compost Giveaway on Thursday, Oct. 24Announcements
2019-10-07Hours of operation for Thanksgiving Monday, October 14, 2019Announcements
2019-10-04Symphony orchestra benefit concert in Côte Saint-LucAnnouncements
2019-10-02Overnight parking toleranceAnnouncements
2019-10-01Passing of Councillor Ruth KovacAnnouncements
2019-09-19Special Council meeting on Monday, September 23 at 5:55 pmAnnouncements
2019-09-12New property assessment rollAnnouncements
2019-09-05Warning siren testing on Thursday, September 12Announcements
2019-08-29Siren test in CN railyards on Thursday, August 29Announcements
2019-08-23Labour Day: info on what's open, waste collection, and overnight parkingAnnouncements
2019-08-21Traffic signal system upgrade on Cavendish Blvd.Announcements, Road work
2019-08-19Draft by-law proposes reduction of speed limit on Kildare Rd. and Guelph Rd. to 40km/hAnnouncements
2019-08-16Consolidation and updates to Côte Saint-Luc nuisance bylawAnnouncements
2019-08-16Smoking in parks: new rules in Côte Saint-LucAnnouncements
2019-08-12Côte Saint-Luc residents raise $1,700 for The War AmpsAnnouncements
2019-08-12Big Drop-Off on Sunday, August 25Announcements
2019-08-06Aquatic and Community Centre and gymnasium closed from Aug. 16 to Sept. 8, 2019Announcements, Facility closures or breakage
2019-08-05Côte Saint-Luc Dramatic Society to remount METAs Award winning Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat on Segal Centre Mainstage August 21 - 25!Announcements, Press releases
2019-07-30CP: Test sirens on Tuesday July 30, between 10 am and 10:15 amAnnouncements
2019-07-26Another fun Police Academy Day for the kids participating in our CSL Day CampsAnnouncements
2019-07-24Communauto available in Côte Saint-Luc starting July 25Announcements, Press releases
2019-07-19EMS recruitment session on Monday, August 5Announcements
2019-07-18Tickets on sale for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor DreamcoatAnnouncements
2019-07-12Public Works Yard closed for CRD and bulky wasteAnnouncements, Facility closures or breakage
2019-07-12Parkhaven lane reduction from July 15 to July 19Announcements, Road work
2019-07-11Power outage in parts of Côte Saint-LucAnnouncements
2019-07-09Water pressure back to normal on Wednesday afternoonAnnouncements
2019-07-08Water pressure update (Monday, 10:45pm)Announcements, Water network
2019-07-05The wading pool at Yitzhak Rabin Park is closed for nowAnnouncements, Facility closures or breakage
2019-07-04Free bike engraving at PDQ 9Announcements
2019-07-03Bulky waste: city will collect it on Thursday, July 4, exceptionallyAnnouncements
2019-07-03Parkhaven Outdoor Pool to open Thursday, July 4 at 12:15pmAnnouncements
2019-07-03Philip Chateauvert appointed new Director of Public SafetyAnnouncements
2019-06-26All programs and activities at ACC and gymnasium cancelled on late afternoon and evening of Wednesday, June 26Announcements, Facility closures or breakage
2019-06-25Parkhaven Outdoor Pool opening Friday, July 5, 2019Announcements
2019-06-192019 Canada Day FestivitiesAnnouncements
2019-06-18City Hall elevator back in serviceAnnouncements
2019-06-17Hours of operation and overnight parking for Fête Nationale (Monday, June 24) and Canada Day (Monday, July 1)Announcements
2019-06-10Côte Saint-Luc 40th Annual Golf Classic to honour former City Councillor Allan J. LevineAnnouncements, Press releases
2019-05-14Smart Cities Challenge: Congratulations to the winnersAnnouncements
2019-04-30Côte Saint-Luc to honour the late author Gérard ÉtienneAnnouncements, Press releases
2019-04-08City Hall elevator currently out of serviceAnnouncements
2019-04-05Coalition of elected officials at all levels join to oppose Bill 21Announcements, Press releases
2019-03-11Côte Saint-Luc submits final proposal for the Smart Cities ChallengeAnnouncements, Press releases
2018-06-07Dog run on Mackle temporarily closed on May 29 from 7am to 3pmAnnouncements