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Mayors unite around transit solutions for Décarie Blvd. as redevelopment of the sector continues


February 17, 2020—The mayors of two cities and two boroughs bordering Décarie Blvd. have joined forces to create a transit-oriented plan for the area.

Developers and all levels of government must contribute to implementing the plan in order to ensure success. The Namur–De La Savane (NDLS) sector comprises the area between the Metropolitan Expressway, Jean-Talon Street West, Cavendish Boulevard and the CP rail yards, and the Décarie corridor. The sector straddles two cities—Côte Saint-Luc and Mount Royal—and two Montreal boroughs—Saint-Laurent and Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce.

Already one of Montreal’s most congested sectors, Namur–De La Savane is set for rapid transformation over the next few decades with thousands of new homes and businesses anticipated at the former Hippodrome site, Décarie Square, Royalmount, Westbury condominiums with several additional major projects underway or in the planning stages. Currently, 360,000 vehicles pass through the sector daily on highways 40 and 15. The Junca-Adenot Report (view at cotesaintluc.org/transitfirst) of May 2019—mandated by Minister Chantal Rouleau and Mayor Valérie Plante—makes it clear that in order to break gridlock, creative transit solutions are needed.

The mayors of the four communities will create a joint committee in order to support and advance transit solutions that require public and private investment.

In early September 2019, the City of Côte Saint-Luc and the Borough of Saint-Laurent launched a joint request for proposals from the school of urban planning of McGill University for a coordinated planning vision that would guide the future of the Namur–De la Savane sector. In December 2019, the students produced a report entitled Namur–De la Savane: Envisioning Change for the Heart of the Island (Oroboro Report) (view at cotesaintluc.org/transitfirst). This report was presented to the Office de la Consultation Publique de Montréal on February 14. The mayors fully endorse the transit recommendations in this plan, which introduces many new and innovative concepts that can address the challenges of this very fragmented district.

The main mandate of this project was to propose an integrated approach for planning and transport solutions in response to the existing congestion and the future challenges that will arise with intensified development.

This Oroboro Report provides a vision for the future of the Namur–De la Savane sector to unify the actions of its various stakeholders across the various territories and jurisdictions. Highlights include:

  • An active green network;
  • An all-electric transit network connecting the projects;
  • Developing interventions under the autoroutes;
  • Decking over the Décarie Expressway;
  • Creating new bike and pedestrian connections to the Hippodrome under the CP rail tracks from Décarie Square and Westbury projects;
  • The Cavendish extension.

All these proposals require close collaboration and coordination among the various jurisdictions and the mayors of the concerned boroughs and cities are prepared to support this effort. They will create a joint committee in order to advance these solutions, which require public and private investment

The four mayors also agree with many of the recommendations of the Junca-Adenot Report (view at cotesaintluc.org/transitfirst), a key recommendation being the extension of Cavendish Blvd. primarily dedicated to public and active transit. In order for these actions to be realized, they will be forming a committee to assist and ensure that the various agencies including the MTQ, the ARTM, and the STM follow up on these actions and recommendations.

The City of Côte Saint-Luc will be presentings its own brief to the OCPM entitled Transit First: Connecting the sectors in Namur–De La Savane on Monday, February 17 at Ruby Foos.


“This is an historic moment for Montreal to showcase transit-oriented development. It became very clear that if we all want our projects to succeed we will have to agree on ways to move people more easily and freely in the future.”

Mayor Mitchell Brownstein, City of Côte Saint-Luc

“As a sustainable municipal territory, facilitating mobility and supporting green transport solutions such as electric transit or tramway along Jean-Talon Street to Cavendish Boulevard connected to Côte-De-Liesse is essential. This will furthermore help to attract future residents to their job opportunities in our borough.”

Mayor Alan DeSousa, Borough of Saint-Laurent

“Transit solutions are essential for the Hippodrome development to succeed in becoming the green and inclusive neighbourhood that Côte-des-Neiges residents want.

Mayor Sue Montgomery, Borough of Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce

“We are already looking at appropriate transit solutions to optimize the proximity to the metro and reduce the reliance on private vehicles. We are all looking at green mobility solutions that will help overcome the presently highly congested roads around Namur–De La Savane.”

Mayor Philippe Roy, Ville de Mont-Royal

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For further information: Darryl Levine, [email protected], 514-485-8905

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