Reduce your ecological footprint

Eco-friendly moving tips

Declutter your home before moving

Removing unwanted or unnecessary items from your home will help reduce the number of boxes you need to pack and trips you need to take, the amount of money you need to spend, as well as helping the environment by reducing your carbon emissions. However, do not just throw objects in the trash. Dispose of them sustainably by having a garage sale, donating lightly used items, or recycling and composting when applicable.

Do not pack the kitchen right away

This helps avoid using single-use dishes and cutlery.

Hire eco movers

Moving companies can use environmental buzz words as a marketing strategy. To ensure the company you hire is eco-friendly, considering asking these 5 questions:

  1. Will you send me three references regarding the quality of your work and the sustainability of your practices?
  2. Do you use reusable boxes, bins, or containers?
  3. Do you use reusable or biodegradable packing materials?
  4. Do you do your best to take everything in one trip?
  5. What else does your company do to ensure you are moving sustainably?

Use containers you already have a home

Think drawers, suitcases, duffle bags, etc.

Rent reusable moving boxes

Below links to reusable moving box companies that do business in Montreal, but many other companies exist:

Favour sustainable packing material

For example, wrap fragile décor in soft fabrics (e.g., towels, sheets, tablecloths) instead of newspaper, but use biodegradable packing material like cornstarch packing peanuts and newspaper when reusable options are not available.

Cut old clothes and linens into rags to avoid using paper towels when cleaning

Limit the number of back and fourths needed

Tips to avoid taking too many trips include planning your move and renting a U-Haul if needed.

Consciously dispose of waste

Recycle when applicable, consciously throw away unwanted food, and get rid of hazardous material in an eco-friendly way. Hazardous waste, large home appliances, and electronic waste can be dropped off at an eco-centre.

Make your new home eco-friendly

Buy energy-efficient appliances. Buy low-flow toilets. Buy furniture from sustainable companies. Buy LED lightbulb. Use eco-friendly paint.

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