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New hockey ice time reservation system at the Confederation Annex launches Friday, January 1 at noon

In order allow the greatest number of people possible to use the Confederation Annex outdoor ice rink at Trudeau Park to play hockey, the City of Côte Saint-Luc is updating the time slots for hockey and free skate.

In short, we are adding more ice time for hockey, adding a new user-friendly webform for residents to request for hockey ice time, and distributing hockey ice time slots to the greatest number of different people as possible.

The updated system will be fair, add better control for who is on the ice, and ensure only Côte Saint-Luc residents are playing hockey on the ice.

How to request ice-time for hockey

From Friday, January 1 at noon until Saturday, January 2 at noon we will accept requests for hockey ice time (for both half-ice sections) on the ice surface at the Confederation Annex of Trudeau Park for that coming week of Monday to Sunday.

>> Access the request for hockey ice-time form

Here’s what else you need to know:

  1. A single applicant can request hockey ice time for a group of 2, 4, 6 or 8 players.
  2. We will accept requests only via our new webform.
  3. The applicant can pick her/his preferred ice time (up to a maximum of five) for the upcoming week of Monday to Sunday.
  4. The applicant must enter her/his name, telephone, email, and Côte Saint-Luc-based home address.
  5. The applicant must enter the names of all the players who will be on the ice.
  6. After submitting the form, the applicant will receive an e-mail confirmation that we received the request. Please do not call to ask if we received the form.
  7. Once the hockey ice time request period ends, we will review the request and distribute the hockey ice times to add many different groups as possible.
  8. We will send the applicant an e-mail message with her/his hockey-ice-time(s) by Sunday, January 3 by noon.
  9. If the applicant doesn’t receive a hockey-ice-time slot, her/his name will be added to the waiting list for that week.
  10. If the applicant receives a hockey-ice-time slot but then cannot use it, she/he must cancel by emailing us at least 24 hours in advance so that we give it to another applicant on the waiting list. If the applicant does not cancel and does not show up, she/he will not be given a hockey-ice-time slot the next week.  
  11. Adult players will need to show the attendant proof of residency in Côte Saint-Luc (eg, driver’s license, or a utility bill along with picture ID) upon arrival at the Confederation Annex.

Other outdoor ice rinks

Free-skate at the Confederation Annex continues to be without reservation, as do the other outdoor skating rinks including:

– Richard Schwartz Park

– Trudeau Park lake

– Donald Fletcher Park

– Irving Singerman Park

– Rembrandt Park

– Guelph tennis courts ice rink


Children age 12 and younger must wear a hockey helmet. Helmets and visors are recommended for all others. Skaters must maintain a 2-meter physical distance.