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Public tennis courts re-opening in Côte Saint-Luc

Starting Friday, May 29, the public tennis courts at Rembrandt Park and on Caldwell Ave. will be open to the public daily between 7am and 10pm.

The courts will be made available and free of charge to Côte Saint-Luc residents. The courts are available for 60 minutes at a time and residents must call in advance to reserve a time. Please note due to the new regulations, the game will be restricted to single play only and players must bring their own equipment and initial their own tennis balls. Players should also bring their own water bottles, as water fountains and washrooms will not be open. Players should respect the entrance and exit signs on the courts.

To reserve a time slot at the Rembrandt Park tennis courts, call 514-485-8912. To reserve a time slot at the Caldwell Ave. tennis courts, call 438-838-4829.