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Avian influenza

Migratory birds will soon be back. Did you know that their arrival increases the risk of poultry contracting avian flu?

Avian influenza (also known as avian flu or bird flu) is a disease that affects birds and is caused by the type A influenzavirus. The virus can cause severe symptoms and even high death rates on poultry farms. Its spread could have a devastating effect on farming businesses.

Since April 2022, 31 poultry farms (including 7 non-commercial farms) have tested positive for highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 in Quebec. The infection has significant consequences for the affected farm, but also for nearby farms and for the entire poultry industry.

Report sick or dead wild birds immediately by calling 1 877 346‑6763. Avoid approaching or handling these animals while awaiting instructions.

Learn more: www.quebec.ca/en/agriculture-environment-and-natural-resources/animal-health/animal-diseases/list-animal-diseases/avian-influenza