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Rain, wind, flash floods, and ponding on Thursday, October 31

About 50 mm (2 inches) of rain is expected to fall on Côte Saint-Luc overnight Wednesday and into Thursday (October 31). Expect strong winds that could reach up to 90 kilometres per hour. The heavy rain may cause flash floods and ponding on roads. Please put away or secure any objects that could be damaged or moved by the wind.

Our Public Works crews routinely clear leaves from the storm drains on streets and we are doing it again today. However, sometimes a storm drain we cleared is covered up with leaves a few days later, either because of a nearby tree or if gardeners accidentally blow leaves onto the roadway as they tidy up private lawns. 

We are therefore asking residents who are physically able to consider helping by clearing leaves from the storm drain nearest to their home. This will help avoid flooding on their street.