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Telephone alert: recent incidents targeting the Jewish community

The following robocall was sent to residents on Tuesday, May 18, 2021, at 9:20pm. To hear this message visit https://soundcloud.com/cotesaintluc/20210518csl. To subscribe for alerts by phone, SMS, and email, visit https://cotesaintluc.org/services/public-safety/emergency-alerts/.


This is Mayor Mitchell Brownstein.  I am sorry to be calling a bit late this evening, but I wanted to reach you as soon as the Shavuot holiday was over so that everyone could be informed of the situation in our city. I want to speak to you this evening about the concerns I know many of you are feeling. The conflict in the Middle East is deeply worrying to many people in Montreal. The scenes this weekend of teenagers and young men throwing stones and verbally attacking people at a rally in downtown Montreal this weekend made people in Montreal worried for their children and themselves. Then on Monday evening, two men drove through Côte Saint-Luc hurtling anti-Jewish insults at our residents. These men were promptly arrested by Montreal police.

I have been in contact with our local police commander and am reassured by the actions being taken. The police and our own Public Security team have increased their resources and are making their presence felt around all community locations in our City.

Security is all our concern, from the postal workers delivering mail, to people walking their dogs, to those riding their bikes. We’ll look out for each other.

So, please, go about your day as normal. The appropriate number to call in case of any concern regarding safety always remains 9-1-1.  We’ve been through a lot over the last year. We’ll get through this, too, together.